Review: L`oreal The One Sweep Sculpting Blush Duo

5 years ago

Has anyone ever loved this product?? I know I don`t and it didn`t take me long to figure that out, literally. I went to my riteaid to pick up a lipstick and saw this bronzer/blush duo and so I decided to pick it up cause I was trying to experiment with contouring my cheeks. I never contoured my cheeks before and decided to give it a try. So I picked up this duo since the blush part looked pretty and I didn`t see any orange tone in the bronzer and that was a plus. I hate orange looking bronzers, it just looks soo dirty on me. Well, I went home opened the package and took a brush and applied the blush part to my cheeks. Nice color but I didn`t like how it applied, didn`t even like the texture either, chalky like. Next I attempted to use the bronzer to contour my cheeks. Total failure. The color didn`t even show up. I then attempted to swatch with my fingers and it`s almost the same color as my skintone. In the pan it looks darker but when swatched, the color payoff sucks big time. So I went back a couple hours later and returned it. There was this darker color out there but the bronzer had this orange tint to it which I didn`t like. So I just returned it and got someting else instead. Would I suggest purchasing this, heck no. No pigmentation what so ever. Maybe the darker shade has pigmentation, but I don`t want to and don`t have time to hassle with anymore returns. And on that day I actually went on youtube to watch reviews on this and there were a lot more cons with this than pros. This was priced at $12.99 at my local riteaid. To me, that is pricey for a blush/bronzer duo. I just actually wanted it for the bronzer. Might as well spend that $13 on a bronzer by itself. So, I`m still on a hunt for a bronzer. Anyone know of a good drugstore bronzer that is good for contouring with no orange tint to it??

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