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5 years ago

I have used this Neutrogena UltraSheer Water-Light SPF 60 Sunscreen for about a year now and just bought a backup bottle that I haven`t used yet.


I love how this sunscreen is very liquidy and light weight and also doesn`t leave a thick, sticky white cast like many sunscreens do. It comes in a dropper-type bottle, and you shake it before you use it. When you shake it, it makes a sound like when you shake white-out. I got this at walmart for around $13.50 CAD


After google-ing the product and the ingredients, I found out that this was a chemical sunscreen and they work by absorbing the UV rays. Physical sunscreens work by reflecting the UV rays.

I am aware that google isn`t always the most reliable source, but most sources say that physical sunscreens are "safer" because the chemicals dont get absorbed into the skin, but the ingredients in chemical sunscreens do and might cause damage. In addition there is some conflicting information about how the UV rays get absorbed. One source says the UV rays that the chemical sunscreens absorb also get absorbed into the skin. (Wouldn`t the sunscreen be useless if that were the case??) And another says the UV rays that are absorbed get converted to "energy" before they can damage the skin. In any case, I`d rather get a physical sunscreen and be on the safe side.


Now I am on the lookout for a physical sunscreen that`s also lightweight. The lightweight aspect is very important to me since my skin is already fairly oily and is even more so in the summer. However I heard most sunscreens that are lightweight are chemical ones. I am willing to spend a little more and invest in a good sunscreen but not too much maybe $30 tops?

If anyone has any input or recommendations, it would be greatly appreciated.

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