Review: Liese Clear Cube Wax Straight

4 years ago

One thing I love about Japanese hair styling products is that they all have dual-functions. One to style and one to protect hair.

I bought the Liese Clear Cube Wax from Watsons in Hong Kong last year when I had chest length hair and my hair kept curling where my chest was so I wanted to keep it straight.<br />
<br />The cube wax has different levels. The straight one, denoted as 1, is the one that has the least hold. The ones for wavy and curly hair have higher numbers, up to 6, which give an intense hold. The waxes also have some moisturizing properties for your hair to help lock in moisture and keep the hair soft and supple rather than brittle like regular wax.

Smells like shampoo. I really hate the Western hair styling products smell.
You only need a fingertip worth for long hair.
Holds up to 8 hrs with high humidity.
Easy to wash off.
Ends were not brittle during or after use.

Hard to find, only available in Asia for $7 USD a cube.
You have to wash this off every night as it is wax, even though it`s gel wax. You have to straighten your hair first before using the wax, the wax itself does not give you straight hair.

Overall, it was a great product for me to use when I was in Hong Kong with extremely high humidity and shorter hair. Now, my hair is past my waist and it`s straight by itself so this product is a bit useless for me now. However, it is great for anyone living in high humidity areas that want to keep their hair straight as this gel wax is very effective and probably less damaging to your hair than other waxes.

Hope that helps!

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