Review Lash Demo: Benefit They`re Real! Colored Mascara in Blue

1 year ago

Hello lovely Luuuxers!

During my last haul session, something very interesting caught my eye at Sephora! Benefit has now come out with colored version of their beloved They`re Real! mascara, and I just couldn`t overcome my curiosity and this product ended up coming home with me! I have blue eyes, and I enjoy using colored eyeliners to play up the intensity of my eye color when I`m feeling playful. But I`ve never tried a colored mascara, and I wanted to know what it would look like! I figured, worst case, I could just return it if I didn`t like it. But...spoiler alert...I think it is SO much fun and I really love it!

First and foremost, the formula of this blue mascara is exactly like the original, in that it gives great volume and separation and lasts really well on the lashes without flaking. Thank goodness, because blue flakes on your face is NOT cute! However, that means that it is also equally as difficult to remove as the original, though not quite as difficult as a waterproof mascara would be.

The picture that I`ve included with this post consists of 2 coats of mascara, and you can see how much of a color punch this product packs! I thought it would turn out to be more like a hint of blue, but it is really vibrant on the lashes! I love that it is a true cobalt blue, instead of a navy, because then the color really does show up.

The look I`m able to achieve with this mascara is kind of cool. Your lashes still get the definition and volume to make your eyes look finished and polished, if you know what I mean. It definitely still looks like you are wearing mascara. But up close, it gives the eyes an added pop of color and brightness! I got a LOT of compliments when I wore this last weekend, some from people who never notice anything about my makeup. I think a lot of people could tell that my makeup looked different and cool but couldn`t quite put their finger on what I had changed. That is a testament to how this is simultaneously a pop of color while also being subtle enough that I didn`t look like a total crazy person wearing it. In all, I think this mascara is super fun for a weekend or party look! Bonus points for the blue color making the whites of my eyes look brighter. :)

As far as I remember, this mascara also was made into a bronze type shade. I`m not really all that interested in trying that one, but it seems like bronze mascara would really make all eye colors pop! They say that bronze eyeshadow is nice for blue eyes so I can imagine mascara would create the same effect. Please let me know if you`ve tried any of the other colors, or if you think you would be up for trying a colored mascara!

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think about my review in the comments below! I`d love to hear em! :D


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