REVIEW: Lancome Bi-facil

5 years ago

I never used to use an eye makeup remover. Whatever face cleanser I used, I also used to rub it on my eyes to get rid of my eye makeup. I realized this may be too harsh for my delicate eye area so I thought of trying some eye makeup removers. So when I bought something at Lancome, I got a free gift package that included the <strong>Lancome Bi-facil.</strong> Perfect timing!

Lancome describes Bi-facil to be a product that <em>gently whisks away all types of eye makeup, even waterproof. Simply shake to activate the bi-phase formula that leaves the eye area perfectly clean. The lipid phase lifts off eye makeup, while the water phase contains special emollients to refresh and condition skin without a greasy residue.</em>

- easily accessible
- has a nice smell

- left my eye area dry
- caused a skin reaction
- did not completely remove my eye makeup
- made my eyes red

<strong><em>Thoughts:</strong></em> If you have sensitive eyes and eye area, BEWARE! This product gave me a bad allergic reaction: redness, stinging, drying of my eye lids, peeling, puffiness, itchiness, and styes! It was a pain. Literally. For awhile, I didn`t even know this was causing it. I thought it was just the weather. So I stopped putting on eye makeup, therefore stopped using this product too. That`s when my problems stopped. When I started with my eye makeup again, and used my facial cleanser to clean my entire face (even to remove my eye makeup), I had no problems so I figured it wasn`t the makeup. To test it out, I used Bi-facil again, and the problems returned! Finally figured out this was the culprit. Even benadryl couldn`t help me.

<strong><em>My Verdict:</em></strong> I know a lot of people use this with no problem, but I am staying far far away. Some ingredient in this product does not sit well for my skin. Good thing I just had a free sample size. I will not be purchasing this. Ever.

<strong>Anyone else had the same issue?
Or am I alone here?</strong>

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