Review: Lady GaGa Beats (2nd Version)

Hi Guys,

So im partially back from my VERY long Hiatus on posts. I was totally too busy with college apps and all my classes. i had to sacrifice something and unfortunately they had to be my posts. I am back though and im quite happy to be back.

Anyway, im back today with a review and im taking a quick little detour from beauty to talk about my christmas gift :)
This was probably the only thing i asked for this year and im so happy that i got it. Its the Lady GaGa beats. I actually didnt care what type of beats i got but my brother insisted on getting me what i wanted for christmas. I jokingly said that i wanted the Lady GaGa ones and he actually got them for me (hes aways been like that)

I always wanted to give in to the hype of beats but i always thought that they were too expensive for what they are. After having these for a good month. I must say that they are totally WORTH IT!

I got the black ones because my brother always taught me to get the black ones in any technological item because that way, you appreciate what the item actually does and not just the way they look. They still look really pretty though. They have the usual flat cords that beats are quite famous for and they actually are tangle free. They have spikes on the actual earbud but no worries, your ears wlll be safe. They are not at all pointy. They have studs going down as well. I felt that these were MUCH more subtle than her last one which i thought was really out of the ordinary for Lady GaGa. There are little suds everywhere too and little subtle hints of Lady GaGa`s presence and i gotta say i prefer it over something over the top with crazy designs

But as for the quality of the sound. Its AMAZING! I tested it out along with my old skull candy headphones and the Beats definitely cancel out pretty much everything. I describe them as earplugs attached to your music. Its amazing. I cant rave enough about it. One down side is that you definitely need to find the right size for your ears because if you have the wrong ones, it doesnt fully block out everything and the music doesnt fully go across. Luckily, they come with a LOT of the rubber thingys lol (dont really know what its called)

Other than that, it also came with a bag for your headphones. Im not the biggest fan of it only because i feel like its totally flimsy and its not totally special. But i still carry it around just for the sake of protection of my head phones.

I must say, its really worth it and its standing pretty strong. It also has an on going manufacturers warranty so you dont need to worry about buying another one

So let me know what you think of these in the comments below :)

till later!
- Jemimah

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