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5 years ago

I`ve been using these a lot since I purchased them. I own 6 total, which I got from the Flea Market for only a dollar.

After using each of them a few times I came to the conclusion that the quality of them individually defers. Some are more pigmented then other. Some are too creamy, others crease easily. So I thought it would be easier if I`d name them all then briefly give a mini review for each. Hopefully this will be helpful to some of you!

1. Summer Time: It`s an metallic olive shade. This one is very pigmented, easy to blend, smooth, and long lasting. This is good enough to wear alone, without a shadow on top. It doesn`t crease, just be sure to apply a primer first. But if you don`t have oily lids then a primer may not be needed. The quality of this one is very good!

2. Sun Kissed: This is a glittery bronze shade. The texture of this on is quite grainy, due to the amount of glitter in is. You have to apply this quite thick in order to see its true shade. But once i applied thickly it doesn`t crease much, but I`d still recommend applying a primer before or a shadow after. This color is very pretty. Overall this is my least favorite jumbo pencil. I have quite sensitive lids and the texture of this one slight irritates.

3. Bikini Time: Is a vibrant purple shade. This one is creamy and smooth, but doesn`t crease when set with a primer or shadow. If you do not have oily lids then you can wear this alone. The texture of this is very nice. The quality is good also!

4. Pretty in Pink: Is a soft pink color. Sadly I am not a fan of this jumbo pencil at all. The pigmentation is not the best. You have to apply about 4 coats in order to see its true shade. The texture is way too creamy and smooth, which cause it to shift even after applying a primer or eye shadow. The quality of this on is disappointing in my opinion. I would not recommend `"Pretty in Pink" at all.

5. Pool Party: Is a very vibrant blue shade. It is by far my favorite jumbo pencil out of the other five that I already have. This pigmentation, texture, longevity, and quality is perfect. I have nothing bad to say about this one. I love it!

6. Sea Shells: In just a basic white color. Just like Pool Party, I have nothing bad to say about this one. The pigmentation, quality, texture, and longevity is great. This is just as good as "Milk" jumbo pencil by NYX. You can apply any color eye shadow on top of this and the vibrancy you will notice afterwards is great.

Overall I rate these six jumbo pencils with a 90%. Thought two of them were horrible, the others worked amazingly. They are extremely affordable, and work great as bases. You can find them at your local beauty stores, online, and even the flea market.

I can not say that I`d recommend all the shade due to the fact that I do not own them all. But I can recommend four out of six listed about.

I (so far) recommend:
1. Summer Time
2. Pool Party
3. Bikini Time
4. Sea Shells

I do plan on picking up the other shades, but will be doing a review similar to this. Then afterwards I will make a separate post mentioning the ones that are worth purchasing.

I hope this was helpful for some of you!

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