Review: Korres Wild Rose Brightening Cream

5 years ago

Hi Guys,

So I decided to make a review on the Korres Wild Rose cream because after hearing really good reviews about it, I decided to give it to my mother.
My mom told me it was great and she was really liking it. I have been on vacation from work for the last month, so I have been at my parents home, and as I was here, I decided to use a little of this cream everyday.
First, let me talk about the basics of the cream. As a cream, it is obviously moisturising. I don`t think this would be good for people with very oily skin. It`s not that it makes the skin oily, but it is very consistent (which you can tell by the second photo I posted) and very moisturising. So I guess this particular cream would be too much hidration for oily skins. But as my mother has normal skin and I have combination/dry skin, it worked for both of us.
Now on to the "brightening" effect. It is said that wild rose helps make marks and discoloration lighter. My mom has some darker marks under her eyes from being in the sun without sunscreen. She said the cream did absolutely nothing to help with that.
For me thought, I don`t have dark marks, but I have discoloration and sometimes I find that my skin is a little dull. And I did think the cream helped with that! Not that much with the discoloration, even if it helped a little. But I find that the cream does make the face more bright and more alive. And for me that is very nice.
A problem I have with this is that it does not have sunscreen on it. Which for me is ok, cause I usually use sunscreen even when a cream has it. Don`t want to have dark marks like mom!! My mom however is always very busy and the most she does is slap the cream on in the morning before she goes to work. She never puts on sunscreen. So if the cream had sunscreen on it my mom would at least be a little protected.
But overall, even though it could improve, the Korres Wild Rose is very nice!

Thanks for reading!

*photos by me*

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