Review: Korres Lip Repair Kit

4 years ago

On Monday I posted about a really good deal on the <strong>Korres Lip Repair Kit</strong> at Tj Maxx (you can find the post on my page). I mentioned I will review it this weekend, and many of you are looking forward to it. So here it is, I apologize if it`s long. I`m thinking it`s easier to review it through a video (tell me if you rather see that next time).
I know it`s been been less than a week since I`ve got these, but I have used them all before and had them before this deal so I`ve used it for a while now actually.
<strong>Korres Lip Butter</strong>
This comes in 3 colors in the set; Jasmine, Pomegranate, and Quince. They retail for $12.00 each at Sephora. The best part about this is it is made with natural oils, and claims to "leaves lips deeply moisturized, supple, and kissably soft." It is also said to be ideal for dry lips which I have pretty much all year `round. I love these, they`re probably one of the BEST lip balms I own. I actually went through a whole thing of it a while back. They leave my lips moisturized for the longest time, it lasts even through me eating, and drinking my lips still feels moisturized. Other lip products tends to leave after a while and my lips becomes chapped to a point I have to reapply. But not with this. My lips feels smooth and definitely kissable. Out of the 3 here only 2 actually have a tint. The Pomegranate and Quince one. Pomegranate leans more towards a coral color, and Quince is more of a hot pink but it`s pretty subtle on the lips. Neither of these have a scent to me, nor do they taste like anything. However, Jasmine the nude color that shows up pretty much clear on the lips smells like caramel. Like those caramel cubes, my favorite of them all just because I am addicted to caramel and it smells EXACTLY like it, but it doesn`t taste like it. On the lips all of these make them kind of shiny, but its a good thing to me anyways.
The only annoying downside to this is that you have to apply it with your finger, especially unhygienic to dip fingers in there all the time. Totally a turn off, but despite that little problem I always clean my hands anyways, so I don`t mind. I love this product so much!
<strong>Korres Cherry Full Color Gloss</strong>
As you can tell from the name, this is a lip gloss. Right off the bat this is one of the best lip glosses I`ve EVER used in my life. It retails for $18.00 each at Sephora (Insanely Pricey!). It claims to "conditioning gloss with a non-sticky texture that softens and cares for lips and provides a high-shine finish" It also has vitamin C and E in it, for me thats just wonderful!
These glosses I have them in the color Fushia, Naked Rose, Natural Purple, and Light Purple. My mom stole the Natural purple one from me so I can`t swatch it for you guys, its basically a nude color not so much "purple".
These are pigmented lip glosses, so they will add color your your lips, and they feel AMAZING on the lips. First off I hate lip glosses its nearly impossible to find one that will hydrate my dry lips, plus give off color and is not sticky. Theses are NOT sticky at all which is great! And they last for a long time on the lips and I can feel the hydration for a while too. I bring it to school to reapply through out the day but only once.
As far as colors goes I love all the colors I have, I mostly reach for light purple which isn`t even purple to me. Its like a light mauvey natural pink color. Then there is Fushia which is like a red color with shimmers, and Natural Rose which is an orangey type pink color with shimers as well. None of the shimmer ones really bother me because the shimmers doesn`t really show up on the lips. Otherwise I hate lip products with shimmers. These makes my lips look all plumped and not overly glossy so yay for that make them look so good! That plus these smells good! My best friend was digging through my makeup bag during our free period. She sat there for an hour sniffing my lip gloss (Im not even exaggerating) and she made everyone smell it because she thinks its the best smelling thing in the world. It smells like the cherry Starburst. I`m sure she was getting high off my lip gloss, but it tells me it smells good ahha! Love this too! but it is pricey, so I`m gonna let you guys know something. They`re great, but the Revlon Super Lustrous lip glosses are pretty compareable to this one for only $7-8 at the drugstores.
<strong>Would I buy any of these again?</strong>
Even though I got these for a really good deal in a set, yes, I would buy the lip butters again, and the lip glosses...unless I`m out or they come out with an amazing color I can`t find else where as much as I love it I will probably skip on that $18 a tube is rediculous! Its also smaller than my Benefit one which is the same price.
<strong>Any questions? Leave it below and I will answer them!</strong>
**All photos are mine please do not steal.***

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