REVIEW: Joy Ride

5 years ago

I ended up watching <strong>Joy Ride</strong> this afternoon because when I turned on my TV, FX was on and the movie was just about to begin. From the beginning it caught my attention because unlike a lot of the stuff that has been played on TV lately, its actually a pretty intriguing attention grasping film. This film is a thriller, its not gory, it is just one of those movies that can tinker with your mind.

The gist of the story centers around three 20-somethings. The two gentlemen are brothers (Fuller [played by Steve Zahn] and Lewis [played by Paul Walker]) and the female is a friend of the brothers. The brothers decide to drive across country to visit the female friend, Venna [played by Leelee Sobieski]. Lewis is interested in Venna on a bit more of a friendship level. The real drama begins while driving across country, Fuller dares his brother to use the cars CB-radio to talk to any truck drivers he can. Lewis, being a knucklehead, agrees and goes along with the plan pretending to be a woman who he describes to the trucker on the other end of the CB-line. This dare creates a lot of havoc for the two as they then become the prey of this truck driver to get revenge for them paying a seemingly harmless prank on him. The story and the terror continue on from there.

Overall, I would say this movie is a great and definitely a must see if you like thrillers!

<em>Have you ever seen Joy Ride?</em>

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