Review: Jason Age Renewal Vitamin E 25,000 I.U. Moisturizing Creme

4 years ago

The product I`ll be reviewing is the <strong>Jason Age Renewal Vitamin E 25,000 I.U. Moisturizing Creme.</strong>

<strong>PRODUCT CLAIMS:</strong>
"Pure, Natural & Organic
JASON has developed this 70% Organic Vitamin E Crème (25,000 I.U.) as a potent anti-oxidant perfect for mature and dehydrated skin. Formulated with Wheat Germ, and Avocado Oil, Aloe Vera Gel and Vitamins A, C, and 25,000 I.U. of Vitamin E, this luxe crème helps minimize fine lines, improves skin tone, texture and elasticity."

This product ranges in price between $9-11 depending on where you purchase it from. You can find it at online retailers such as Vitacost, or in drugstores like Walgreens .

The product is in a plastic round tube with a twist-off cap. Some may find it unsanitary to have to scoop the product out from the tub. Personally, I don`t mind.

I purchased this in January of 2012 when I did a few hauls from so I have been using this creme for about a year on and off. This is a thick, moisturizing creme that is just packed with Vitamin E. If you do not like cremes that are thicker in consistency, then this isn`t for you. However, I loooove moisturizing my skin at night with thicker creme because I love the effect that it gives me in the morning. When I scoop product out of this tub, I can see tiny traces of Vitamin E oil throughout the creme and I really like that. When I was going through a really bad breakout, I was lathering on a bunch of acne treatments that helped to dry my pimples out. It also did dry out my skin, which is why I loved putting this on at night. I also love lathering this creme on after I do my AHA/BHA peels to really nourish my skin. When I woke up in the morning, my skin would be really dewy and plumped up. This is also a really good creme for the winter time for those who suffer from severely dry skin. The creme may be somewhat thick to apply on at first, but I feel like the more it gets worked into the skin, the easier it blends out. Others may feel that it is greasy, but by morning time, this creme just sinks into your skin and gives the skin a more firm, moisturized look to it. I also really like that this creme is free of parabens and is fragrance-free for those who are sensitive to scents.

<strong>OVERALL, I highly recommend the Jason Age Renewal Vitamin E 25,000 I.U. Moisturizing Creme.</strong>
It is great for those who prefer thicker, moisturizing creme at night. I personally would not wear this in the daytime because it is thicker and takes a lot longer to sink in. After you apply it and let it sink in overnight, your skin will wake up to be more moisturized and plumped up.

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