Review: Ivory 2-IN-1 Hair amp Body Wash

3 years ago

Hey everyone! I just want to do a quick review on a product that I recently received for review purposes from Infuenster. I am not getting paid to do this review and all opinions are my honest thoughts. I actually got this product about two weeks ago and have been using it since for review purposes. Let me just say that when I opened the box, the first thought that came into my mind was, oh my goodness the bottle is freaking huge! Its definitely going to last my family and I a while before we even make a dent in it. According to Ivory, Ivory 2-IN-1 cleans head to toe while leaving hair conditioned. Say goodbye to the 3-step hassle of applying shampoo, conditioner and then body wash--Ivory Hair & body simplifies the showering experience, making it perfect for the whole family. Taken from the information card provided, Product Highlights: Total body cleanser that leaves hair clean (down to the roots) and conditioned Free of dyes and heavy perfumes Saves shower space with one bottle 33% MORE vs. the leading 2-IN-1 brand (24oz vs. 18oz), without breaking the bank Not watered down--doesn`t easily seep through your hands or into eyes For me after using this, I always felt the need to use a separate conditioner. It didn`t leave my hair extra dry but I felt like my hair still needed that extra step. I think this might be a good product for a guy since guys don`t usually use conditioner (well the ones that I know). They just use shampoo and body wash. The scent makes it a great product for both females and males to use this. Its a nice clean scent and it isn`t overpowering. Its a great scent for the whole family. It does lather up pretty good. I didn`t need to much product for my hair and/or for my body. It keeps my scalp pretty clean and I feel like I don`t even need to wash my hair for about three days. Usually I wash my hair every other day but I wanted to see how long my hair can last without washing by trying out this product. But keep in mind, my hair doesn`t get oily that much. The only con that I can say about this is that if it gets in your eyes, it can sting a bit. I accidently got some in my eye and lets say, I didn`t like it. I wouldn`t reccomend this for babies for that fact. Other than that, I really like this product and I even purchase a bottle in the future.
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