Review: Hunger Games

5 years ago

I saw the Hunger Games yesterday. I read the book the 3 days before the movie. I`m proud of myself for finishing it so fast. I honestly don`t understand all the hype around the Hunger Games. I thought the book was good, but not amazing. The concept of the Hunger Games is great, but I think it could`ve been written better. Because I saw the movie the day I finished the book all the details were very fresh in my mind. I thought the movie was WAAAAAY to oversimplified. It didn`t seem as dramatic as the book and seemed to just mention certain details and focus on them for a few seconds for the sake of doing so when in the book much more attention was payed to them. I found the whole movie was just passing over every detail briefly and passivly and didn`t go into depth in anything. In the movie it seemed like the Hunger Games only lasted a few days when in the book it was much longer. It also made it seem like the Hunger Games weren`t as bad as it was made out to be. No one starved and everyone was killed really quickly. I had the impression that that was done to give the movie a rating appropriate for all audiences so as not to lose viewers. The one thing in the games that I thought they did a good job with was the fire. Also, MANY things were left out and the ones that were included were changed. Katniss` relationship to others seemed less prominent as Gale, Cinna, Rue and others were only on screen for a few minutes. The movie seemed like it was made solely for those who had read the book. If you watch the movie without first reading the book I think you may not understand certain things. For example, the flashbacks with Peeta throwing the bread and Katniss do not properly explained what happened. It just looks like Peeta is throwing some bread out on the street and Katniss, who is out in the rain, happens to see him throw it. The connections between the characters were very weak. The acting was weak in parts and Haymitch just seemed like drunk surfer dude. Cinna seemed more serious and less nice than in the book.

My verdict: If you haven`t seen it I think you should because the concept is interesting, but don`t expect it to be amazing. If you`ve read the book prepare to be disappointed. It`s just nice having a visual to what you`ve read.

I liked the trailers before the movie much more. In fact, I LOVED them. Omygosh I`m so excited for upcoming movies. The trailers I saw were Snow White and the Huntsmen, The Avengers, The Cabin in the Woods, What To Expect When You`re Expecting... wow they were breathtakingly amazing! I didn`t want the trailers to end, I was so hooked you have no idea!

Do you want to see it? What did you think of the movie/book?

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