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4 years ago

First of all I wont to say a massive thank you to for giving me the opportunity to review some amazing products.
The website is so cute it is unreal. It is a girl heaven, the pictures are beautiful and Im not sire if the girl in the photos are the owner of the site but she is gorgeous and she models that jewellery very well. The photos show the product very clearly so you know what you are buying before you do. The website is very clear and you know what type of products are going to be in each section but I can asure you now, it wont be what you expect. This site is very unpredictable and better than what you think it will be link. You need to look at the site to know what I mean. The colours of the site are very inviting and girly. I love the look of the blue and white. The moto of the site peer through the looking glass is quite misleading really. It is known for alice and wonderland and I actually thought the jewellery would be alice in wonderland inspired but they arent, its a very wide range of different types of jewellery. I think they this website could maybe do an alice n wonderland range and pull it off very well. She is very creative and could come up with some amazing things for that as well as the products she has now.
All the products can on a beautiful blue and white card which matches their website and it has their name and moto on it which I think it a great Idea. I have kept the cards for traveling so I can put earrings on them to take with me so they dont get lost and they are cute any not just plain black ones from most stores. All the items also come bubble wrapped for security.
The customer service for this site is phenomenal. I had abit of trouble with the earrings. All of them had come off the metal part of the earring that goes through your ear, fault with the glue but se is looking into it, and I superglued it which wasn`t much of a problem and it didn`t really bother me with it being a review and I didnt pay for the products, but if I have of paid for them, I wouldn`t of been to please but she offered to send me replacements for all of them even though it was just a review post and they weren`t actually for me if that makes sence. I said she didn`t have to with it being a review but the fact she offered just proves that she whats her customers to be happy and whats them not to be disappointed with the products. 10/10 for customer service!!! :)
I got to review 5 products which I will link further down in this post. There is so many amazing products on this site that I would love to review. I have been thinking about what I would look at at for them if I had of reviewed them. I am actually gutted that I cant buy them myself just to review them for you guys because I know you would love them. Its a shame mum wont let me order online. I still thought I would link them for you guys because I know you would love to look at them:!softies/productsstackergalleryv28=1!hair-piece%27s/productsstackergalleryv27=19
They are my favourite things from this site and I would love to try them out. If anyone buys any of these or anything from their site, inbox me and let me know what you think of them.
There is so much I could say about this site but I will tell you about the products I got sent to review. I got sent 5 products and I have done a post on them individually so I have linked them here:
Tiger lips stud earrings

Cube Crystal Beaded Dangly Earrings

Loveheart Earrings

Red Rose Earrings

Judas Necklace

Once again thankyou so much to this company for letting me review these products and if you want anymore products reviewing, I would love to do it for you and also any company that is reading this, I will be happy to review it for your company.

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