Review: HourGlass Ambient Lighting Powder `Radiant Light`

2 years ago

*Pictures are mine

Ever since these powders have hit the shelves at Sephora, it`s been all the rave everywhere. You know I had to pick one up to try it out because I`ve heard nothing but awesome things about it. I picked this up at my sephora for $45. It`s 0.35 oz and the color is golden beige. This is a finishing powder that creates flattering types of light. It also claims its a state of the art technology which is really cool.

This claims to create your perfect light. The powder itself is supposed to capture, diffuse, and soften the way light reflects skin. It also claims to make skin softer and younger.

I`ve had this for almost 3 months and I`ve been using it pretty much everyday for about 2 months. How I feel about this powder will probably make everyone mad haha. I really didn`t like it. I don`t see any highlight on my face nor any `personal light.` I also didn`t feel like it made my skin softer or younger. I put this right above my cheek bones and I don`t see anything but extra powder. I don`t even see any shimmer. It just blends into my skin and it looks like I didn`t put anything on. I don`t know if I am using it wrong or what but it didn`t make no difference to my skin which was a huge letdown since this was a huge rave. Maybe i can use it as a setting powder but I don`t want my face to look shiny. Also, whenever I swatched it, it came out powdery and there was some fall out. I`m going to keep trying to use this because this was very expensive and I`m not about to toss it haha.

The other powders however are beautiful and I feel like maybe i should have gotten the other ones instead but the lady that works at sephora recommended me this one but she was also kinda rude and snotty so maybe thats it lol. Plus I love the packaging. It`s gorgeous and really light which is good for traveling.

I would recommend getting a sample first before you buy it since it is really pricey or have one of the makeup artists apply this onto your skin. I just bought it on a whim when the girl told me this would do well on my skin...that was probably my biggest mistake lol.

Hope you guys enjoyed this!
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