Review: Herbal Essences Split End Protector

4 years ago

Hey Luuuxers!

Today I`m going to review Herbal Essences Touchably Smooth Split End Protector! I bought this product a few days ago after getting a haircut. With this summer heat, my hair gets really wavy and curly and now that I have a bob, I don`t want to go around looking like Shirley Temple, so I`ve been straightening my hair daily. I`m making a huge effort to grow my hair out, so I thought I would invest in some split end protection to prevent damage from my flat iron and daily wear and tear. Here`s my review:

<strong>Product Claims</strong>
* "3 benefits in every bottle: Smooth, Soft and Pink Lily Fragrance."
* It supposedly "quenches your strands for smoothness and helps strengthen them against breakage."
* Ingredients that stuck out to me were dimethicone, corn silk extract and hydrolyzed silk, all of which seem like they would do a great job in smoothing your hair!

<strong>First Impressions</strong>
* Usually, I`m not a big fan of pump bottles because I don`t find them to be very portable. Whenever I throw one in an overnight bag or purse, the pump always gets pushed down and I end up with a big mess on the inside. However, that`s easily solved with a plastic baggie.
* I was debating between this product and one with similar claims from Aussie, but this definitely won me over because it smells amazing! It`s kind of a mix between floral and fruity. The Aussie one smelled really chemical-y and I hate synthetic smells.
* It feels just like a light weight lotion in terms of texture and thickness.

<strong>How I Used It</strong>
* I followed my normal shower routine with shampooing and conditioning and toweled off my hair. Next, before brushing my hair, I pumped out a small amount of product on to my hands and combed it through my damp hair. It really made my hair a lot easier to brush! Then I blow dried it and straightened.
* The bottle says you can use it on dry hair, but I feel like with it`s lotion-like formula it wouldn`t be evenly distributed and may make your hair clumpy.

* Smell: <strong>AMAZING!</strong> The first time I used it I forgot to put on perfume and when I was riding the elevator at work a few women commented on how great I smelled :3 That`s pretty impressive for a hair product if you ask me!
* Smoothness: This cream exceeded my expectations! My hair tends to get greasy fairly easily, so I was a bit worried when I purchased this product. However, my hair stayed smooth, not weighed down and greasy throughout the day! I have to admit, my bangs and a few strands that I wore behind my ears got a tiny bit greasy, but the next time I used the cream I just didn`t apply a bunch in those areas and the problem was solved!

<strong>Something To Watch Out For</strong>
* Since the formula is very much like a lotion, it does dry up into a little plug around the opening of the pump on the bottle. Make sure you get rid of any dried clumps before you put it in your hair! :)

Would I buy this again? Definitely! I bought it for around $3.78 at Target. That is definitely a good price in my opinion!

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