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2 years ago

A few posts ago I mentioned that I received a bunch of Herbal Essences Naked goodies a few months ago from BzzAgent for review purposes. In that past post ( I gave my first impressions of the products, but now in this post I will be talking about my experience with them and reviewing each product.


I have been a long time user of Herbal Essences; I always keep a bottle of Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Shampoo and Conditioner in my shower. It was nice to try a new line from them especially since I`ve had great results in the past. And it`s nice to try a line without the harsh chemicals! I have virgin hair that`s curly and a little past my shoulders. My major issues with it would be the lacking volume at my roots (but not at my ends) and frizziness.

Now onto the review:

The products I will be reviewing are: Herbal Essences Naked Volume Shampoo, Naked Volume Conditioner, and Volumizing Soufflé. I have been using these products for two months continuously.

-Scent: When I first opened the bottle, I was surprised at how good it smelt! I was expecting a more earthy smell from the mint, but I liked how Herbal Essences made it a bit more fruity with the mix of grapefruit. They rock when it comes to making products smell fantastic! I looked forward to my shower every morning since the grapefruit smell gave me a kick start to the day.

-Packaging: I found the packaging of the products to be nice and clean. I was joking with a friend of mine about how maybe Herbal Essences finally ran out of colours to work with and all they had was white. But I like how white was associated with it being a `naked and natural` line.

-Shampoo: I liked how you did not need much product to create a good lather and it was easy to work into my hair. I found that just using the shampoo, it was not very good at detangling the knots in my hair (even though I know this shampoo was not made for that, but it would have been nice to have it detangle any knots). I liked how the shampoo made my hair feel light and soft. But when it comes to volume, I found it to be a little volume at my roots but not enough to make me go `this is the one!` But the volume was mostly found at the ends of my hair, making it frizzy and pouffy! It made me look as if I had a triangle look going on (flat at the roots and pouffy at the ends), which is not the look I was going for!

-Conditioner: When comparing this to the shampoo, I had to use 3X the amount of product to make it cover my hair. I would have liked to have even proportions with usage so I don`t have to buy two bottles of conditioner for one bottle of shampoo. When it comes to value, I would have to say this isn`t worth it. But the thing I really liked about this was that it helped detangle the knots in my hair! It made it very easy to brush my hair afterwards. I found that this product made my hair soft but not as light as just using the shampoo. When it comes to volume, I found that it weighed down the roots where there wouldn`t be any volume and just more volume at the ends of my hair. I thought the conditioner would help enhance my curls but unfortunately it did not. Instead, it made my curls very frizzy!

-Volumizing Soufflé: I have tried the Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Soufflé before and I did not like it. Mainly because it made my hair crunchy, wet looking and the product did not foam up. Instead, only liquid came out. Due to this experience, I have never tried a soufflé product again. So when I got this, I was a bit hesitant when it came to trying it due to my previous bias. But instead of letting that get in the way, I decided to try it for a good month. What I found was that similar to the Totally Twisted Soufflé, this product also made my hair crunchy and wet looking. This is definitely not a look I`m going for. I would have liked the product to make my hair look freshly washed without the wet look. I did like how this product foamed up, but I found it difficult to work into my hair. It was also difficult to control the amount of foam coming out. For instance, when I finished pressing the amount I want out, I found that foam automatically came out of the nozzle. I would have liked this to be more of a cream like product since it would most likely be easier to work with, and also being able to control the amount of product coming out. I thought this product would definitely help enhance my curls and make my hair less frizzy but that was not the case unfortunately. It was the best out of all these products when it came to enhancing my curls, but it wasn`t enough to keep the frizz away. As for the volume, there wasn`t any since I found the product to weigh down my hair heavily!

Overall, I liked how this line was made free of silicones and parabens. And the smell is so wonderful and I love how it lasts all day long! However, I wished this products lived up to it`s name of being a volume shampoo, conditioner and soufflé! If I had to purchase one thing again from the line, I would have to say the shampoo since it gave the best results out of the three products from this line. I wished Herbal Essences could find ways to improve the volume for the roots! But I`m glad to have received these products to try, thanks!

Have you tried this Naked line before?

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