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6 years ago

I made a purchase from Pinky Paradise for 2 pairs of contacts about 3 weeks ago. I bought prescription ones for the Geo Nudy Greys and the EOS Adult Brown lenses. I`ve worn them before and just needed a new pair. The package came in exactly 3 weeks. (They come from Malaysia by air mail and probably get stopped for customs, hence the long shipping time despite Pinky Paradise shipping it out the day after you place the order) It was on time tho b/c they said it would take about 3-4 weeks to arrive. For every pair of contacts lenses, if you put a promo code (found on youtube. The one i used was "dorothy" I got a free case and a free mini gift) My 2 gifts were an undereye collagen mask (I used it already, it was great!) and this weird minnie mouse looking plastic bow with velcro on the backside (its supposed to be some sort of hair accessory =S....doubt i`d wear it unless i wanted to be hello kitty or minnie mouse for halloween, lol!)

One problem I had was that my EOS lenses were SUPER BLURRY. I soaked them for 12 hours before trying them on, and then cleaned them again and they were still blurry. I thought maybe it was the wrong prescription, but i checked the bottle and it was correct...So after closer inspection on the clear part of the lens where ur supposed to look thru, i noticed it was cloudy looking. Must be a manufacturing defect. I emailed pinky paradise and told them about this, and asked if they could send me another pair. They responded the next day and apologized for the inconvenience and it was probably a manufacturing defect and they would send me out a new pair right away. I thanked them and they emailed me back instantly and thanked me for understanding and that they would ship out my new lenses on Monday because there is no shipping over the weekend. I was very impressed with this cuz i`ve read reviews where people were upset with their lack of customer service...but this was def not the case for me. Only thing is, i`m assuming it`ll be regular shipping and itll probably take 3 weeks...but oh well. Let`s see if they actually come, lol...I`ll keep u guys posted!
Has anyone else ordered from Pinky Paradise before?
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