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4 years ago

Hi guys :)
Today I wanna review the "Powderful" Volumizing Powder by got2 be for you.
This is supposed to "boost up your roots" and hold "all night long".

:D Well, first of all... I do not like this product AT ALL! Let me tell you why:
First of all, the application: When I applied this, I put the powder on my fingertips and rubbed it onto my roots just like one thin layer under my visible part, so I wouldn`t have white powder there! Well, it`s loose powder so whenever I lift my hands to put it in my hair, it all falls down! It`s frustrating seriously, I always have to apply a TON to my hands because half of it ends up on the floor.

What I do like about this product is that it is completely invisible in your hair! I thought it might create a white cast on your roots but it completely disappears.
However it gets really sticky, which is supposed to act as the "teased" look, and you can feel that there`s a lot of product in your hair, which I hate! Especially at the roots!

Also when you brush out this product it does leave your hair oily. I get oily hair really fast, so obviously I hate this product for that reason only :D but even to people with dryer hair I would recommend only using this when you plan on washing your hair like the next morning.

Does the powder volumize your hair? Yeah it does! ... for like 5 mintues...
I noticed that it really did boost up my roots, however it didn`t hold long at all and when I was done doing my hair, makeup and dressing, my hair was already fallen flat again.

I really don`t like anything about this product, which doesn`t mean it won`t work for you! If it works for you, that`s great! :)
But if you have a similar hair type to mine and have the same issues with the lack of volume in your hair, you might want to stay away from this...

What do you think about this product?
If it works for you, how do you apply it? Putting it directly onto your hair?
Do you have any other recommendations for volumizing products? If so, pls let me know! :)

Thank you for reading <3

*pictures are mine

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