Review: Girl of Nightmares by Kendare Blake (Anna Dressed in Blood #2)

4 years ago

So, here goes, * big exhale* this was very, very good. Set six months after and weve questioned still begging to be answered. Where was she? Whats become of him? Cas endeared himself to me with all his derisive snarkiness in One. He simply stood out for me given his manner. Here, he is a little bit of that though slightly (a lot) more serious. He is pining for her, after all; feels haunted by her (might actually be haunted by her.) In all that, doubts spring forward~ from him then from others. Whats great is how the answers to all those are so all cleverly laid out without ever feeling convenient. Everything in this has a place, and everything flows so smoothly together. So, I laughed, then I scared myself and then I laughed some more, as I read. Simply its so easy to get lost in all this as everything made sense without being too convenient.

Annas absence is a key thing here, but others step up and shine. Thomas and Carmen especially are so out of the box and different, where their end of it takes us an interesting ride all its own. Better yet is how none of them are completely good nor bad; some hold themselves back; others still push things to the limit. And I found myself wondering what all of them were up to.

Also, Blakes kept the humor that marked ADiB unique in GoN, though honestly I felt the second had fewer of those funny bits. Still that present had me grinning. A good thing too since I felt that shed stepped up on the scary end of things. My absolute favorite moments include those descriptions of a Suicide Forrest. Where does the author come up with these things because the hairs on my neck stand on end whenever I recall them. But, aside from being slightly more scary moments, things also felt more serious. I mean shes gone and hes pining, so what else is there to expect? But it wasnt just that. Him figuring things out about who he is, what he and his fathers history was and all that stuff about the athame? All that added something different. No longer just about ghost busting, or dead girl haunting or even wise cracking cocky boy; theres history to dig through and stuff to settle... and it`s all done so very very well here.

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