Review: German Chocolates: Milka, Ritter Sport, Kinder

4 years ago

Lets begin by saying I am a chocolate addict, and of course European chocolate is like the best of the best. I made some German exchange student friends last school year, actually dated a German guy, but that`s besides the point. They all send me chocolates every couple months. So here are some I got in a recent package.
To my knowlege most of these you can find here actually you can find them all in the U.S. except they don`t have all the million of flavors.
<strong>Ritter Sport Mini</strong>
I got 2 of these, one in the original flavors and the other is their summer edition. I must say I like the summer edition MUCH better, but so far in that one I`ve only seen the limited edition cherry ice cream one in the U.S.
From there I enjoyed the white chocolate coconut one, and the berry yogurt one. It really tastes like yoplaid and chocolate LOL!
From the original you can find MOST of them here if you search hard enough like the biscuit, corn flakes, plain yogurt, and milk chocolate one here. Nothing too fancy about these but my faves are the biscuit ones I always buy them in the bigger version at Walgreens, and the Corn flake one.
In general I already loved Ritter Sport to begin with, and these are a nice size to throw in your purse and have variety.
<strong> Milka & Daim </strong>
My german friend while she was here got me addicted to this. There`s something about Milka chocolate and Daim. IF you guys know anything similar to it here please tell me `cause we do not have this flavor here!
Daim for those of you who don`t know is a crunch butter almond type thing. It tastes like a mix between toffee and caramel. Its amazing especially in Milka chocolate I could live off it forever! The best Milka flavor in my opinion!
I settled for the Toffee Crunch Milka bar one you can find at Walgreens, but its not the same at all.
<strong>Caramel Milka</strong>
I had to put this in the fridge because it melted but even in there the caramel did not get hard which is why I love it! I love the chocolates with caramel that just spills out! Another one of Milka`s great flavors, I`m pretty sure this one is available in the U.S.
<strong>Kinder Bars</strong>
You can find these in the U.S. in certain stores, I see them around every now and then kinda hard to find. I LOVE these! I have a bar or two in my purse all the time. They`re so delicious. If you never tried a Kinder Bar you kinda missed out. Its by the same company that makes Ferro Rocher
<strong>Milkinis by Milka</strong>
These are exactly like Kinder Bars except by the brand Milka, they taste the same. And they`re easier to find in the States at Walmart. Creamy chocolatey goodness.
She kindly threw in some random chocolates like Snickers, Milkyway, and dove, and mars bars. The funsize in germany is different than ours, and the wrappers are just nicer. They also taste kind of different. Like the Milkyway is like not nougat its like milky tasting cream to me. INteresting very good tho!
<strong>Tried any?Tell me what you think. If you know any good Chocolates found only in Germany tell me I really want to try them!</strong>
**all my pictures! ask if you`re going to use it**

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