Review: Geo Circle Lenses in Super Size Nudy Violet

4 years ago

I got these circle lenses from the website Pinkyparadise not too long ago, because I was looking for a way to dress up my outfit. I figured these contacts would serve as the perfect accessory for my outfit.

This is actually my first pair of circle lenses, so I was sort of adjusting to how they fit and whatnot. The lenses themselves make your iris look enlarged, thus giving your eyes a more doll like appearance. Compared to other circle lenses, these look the least "realistic" due to their color and size. The average diameter for circle lenses is typically 14, but the diameter on these was 14.8! What a huge variance! Hence, these are referred to as super size contacts. Because the diameter is so much larger than my actual iris, you see what is called a halo effect. Its a white ring between my actual iris and the diameter of the contacts. Some don`t like the appearance of this ring, but I actually embrace it.

Compared to normal contacts, these were very difficult to put on. Ive never had trouble putting on contacts in the past, but since these were so large--they sort of flopped around when I placed it on my fingertip and lubricated it with solution. It was pretty much smooth sailing with these contacts, until I got about 5 hours into wearing them. My eyes became very dry, and I felt like I had plastic wrap on my eyeballs. This could have easily been cured with some eyedrops though. Other than that, these were a very pretty pair of contacts. I would definitely purchase these again, and in other colors as well.

-safe. [each contact comes with a scratch off verification code that I can enter into the geo lens database online to check if they`re real]
-gorgeous enlargement of eyes.
-very comfortable for the first couple hours.
-great accessory
-great pop of color without being too over the top.

-Only for short term use [i.e. 5 hours]--otherwise they start to blur and eyes become dry.
-difficult to put in.
-not for daily wear [at least for me--as they`re so dramatic].

Have you tried out circle lenses before? What is your experience with them?

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