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4 years ago

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Hi luuuxers! I haven`t put up a review in awhile so I decided that I would share a Garnier product that I tried not too long ago, with you guys. This product actually 3 ways; as a daily cleanser, an exfoliating scrub, or a 3 minute purifying mask.
Purpose of the daily cleanser: To wash away dirt and excess oil, and remove surface impurities.
Purpose of exfoliating scrub: To gently exfoliate away dead skin cells for super-smooth skin.
3 minute purifying mask: To detoxify skin and purify clogged pores.
PROS: -it`s a 3 way cleanser! Don`t need separate products anymore.
-smells good just like all other Garnier products.
-contains quite a lot of product.
CONS: -has to be used carefully (I`ll explain why later in the post)
-I believe the product itself was about $8 which some can say is a little expensive.
My Results: The first time I used this was actually at a friend`s house. We were washing our faces before going out. I used this cleanser with the Clean & Clear oil free moisturizer and my skin has never felt SO smooth. I remember sitting in my bed that night and I accidentally touched my face and after realizing how soft it felt, I couldn`t stop petting it because it just felt soooo nice. That week, I automatically ran to my local CVS and picked this up. However I have to say that you can`t really use this as a 3 minute purifying mask. I could say I left it on for about 5 minutes because I wanted really good results but the product was too harsh on my skin even though my skin typically isn`t that sensitive and I broke out with 2-3 pimples. I just use it as a daily cleanser which is enough to keep the dead skin off my face which = nice, smooth and glowing skin! My skin has definitely slowly grown used to the product so I wouldn`t suggest using it everyday but I use it about once a week to keep my skin feeling smooth.
Overall rating: 10/10. Would I repurchase? Definitely! Comment below what your favorite cleanser/exfoliator is and let me know your thoughts on my review!
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