Review: Garnier Fresh Grapewater Eye Make-up Remover Solution for Sensitive Eyes

4 years ago

So a while back I ran out of yet another eye make-up remover that I wasn`t satisfied with. I decided to head to my local drugstore to see if I could find something else. (I do have a few I like but they`re a bit pricier than I would like so I`m on the hunt for something cheap that does the job.) I saw that this Garnier one was on sale (for $5) and decided to give it a shot. I`ve tried the Garnier makeup wipes before and really liked them (but they`re just too expensive at 25 for $8 so I don`t buy them).

I like...
... the packaging (lightweight, durable b/c its plastic, easy to use)
... the price ($5 - cheapest price range I`ve got access to)
... the feel (doesnt sting my eyes or irritate the area)
... how easily it gets off eyeshadow (good with just one swipe, unless I`m wearing glitter and a smokey eye, which is true for any remover then)
I don`t like...
... the makeup reside it leaves (doesnt get off mascara properly, and I`m talking regular, not water-proof, mascara)
... that it requires several tries (which eventually irritates my lashline that I go over repeatedly to get the mascara and liner off)

Overall, I would recommend this remover if you mainly wear eyeshadows, and if you don`t usually have trouble getting mascara or liners off. Because it doesn`t get my mascara off easily, and I have to go back several times to finish the job, I would not repurchase this.

I hope y`all found this review helpful. Happy Luuuxing!

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