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3 years ago

I have been using the Neutrogena Triple Repair Hair Care System for a few weeks now and feel like I have got the product down to a science with other products I use. When I first tried out the hair care system, I left out all the products I usually use except the detangler. Because I really wanted to see how the product would perform on its own. I wasn`t too thrilled with the results after the first time of using it but as time passed I found that I had used too much product and I placed it a bit too high on my hair shaft. After adjusting the amount of leave-in treatment I was using, it was pretty much smooth sailing.
Since I have very long hair (about 24inlong) I use a little less than a quarter amount of the leave-in, after shampooing and conditioning. I place this in the hair from mid shaft to the ends, then used a detangling stray for some light moisture near my roots and then use argon oil on the tips of the hair as I have found the leave in treatment leaves the hair looking great but feeling a bit dry on the ends and this helps soften them. After putting the products in I work it through my hair gently with a paddle brush, this helps distribute the product further up the hair shaft without getting to much product at the root.

I did find that this method allowed me to used hot rollers in my hair and get the same amount, if not more volume then I had before. Whereas when I first used this system my hair was pretty flat from using too much leave-in treatment and wouldn`t hold a curl, I can now say curl on. If youre someone who likes to just blow out their hair or flat iron it stick straight, just using the three piece system is for you. If you want curls you may need to fiddle with other product to get the perfect bounce.
The scent of the line isn`t the best, not the best but not great, its a clean gender neutral scent that sticks around. So if you boyfriend or husband runs out of shampoo he wont smell like he rolled around in perfume if he borrows yours. I would like this a bit more if they changed the scent, made it fainter or cut it out completely.
Despite the scent, this is a really good product that I can fully get behind and recommend to others. Good job Neutrogena.

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