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4 years ago

Thank you to montagne juenesse for sending this review for reviewing purposes. I wrote notes as I used this product so I knew what to write at the time.
I have fallen in love with this, the small is devine. It says it has raspberry, mango, apricot, preach and pomegranate and you can deffinatly smell all of these scents but the raspberry and peach are the more promanant scents all though the others are deffinately there. It looks like yogurt and smells like it and I literally want to eat this write now. It is a lovely thick creamy substance and is a pale pink colour which all girls love things pink. I think this will be very moisturising for my face and I have high hopes at the moment.
I have just applied this to my face and it feels just as nice as I was expecting it to. It think this would be great to put on your face during a relaxing bubble bath with some fruit bubble bath and a fruity candle lit. It feels absolutely amazing. It is cooling on my face, not as cooling at the peel offs but I prefure it to be like this. I have cucumber slices on my eyes layed relaxing in bed and I could literally fall asleep. I have had this on about 20 mins now and I can still smell it on my face, the scent is as strong as it was wen I first opened this.
Just taken this off and it has really cleaned my skins. It says it is good for pores which I dont have noticeable pores as I am still young but I think this would be good for the older people. My skin can sometimes be quite rough and bumpy and it has deffinately made the bumps go done and make my skin look more flatter and smoother. It was made my skin feel wonderful. It has however made my face abit redder than usual which might be a problem to people that dont war foundation but I do wear foundation so it restores it to it`s natural colour. If that would be a problem for you then I would not recommend this face mask but I only use a light coverage and it still makes it back to normal. It has only stayed red for a few hours so its nothing permanent and everyones skin is different so this wont necessarily happen with you. My skin type is combination and it works well this that, it has gotten rid of the oils in my t-zone where I am usually more oily and has restored moisture where it is needed. My face feels wonderful
My face is not red anymore, It has gotten rid of alot, not all, but alot of imperfections in my skin. It is still moisturized but you do need to your a moisturiser cream on you face wit any face mask as some can be quite drying. This isn`t drying however, I would still recomend using a facemask.
These facemask retail for around 99p in the UK and I have seen this in shops such as superdrug, boots, wilkinsons, morrisions along with lots of other places. You can also by these online ( to find lots of other skin care and beauty products. A pointer that I would like to say about this is that I think they put too much in their facemask packets. There is always some wasted in my packets and if I use it all, it drips off and if I share it between two people, there isn`t enough. I think they should change the facemask packet sizes to the sizes that have for the male facemasks. The sizing for them is better and less wastage.
9/10 (Would be ten if didn`t make skin red for a few hours, not a big deal though and everyones skin is different
DISCLAIMER: Photo is mine and so is text but the product was sent to me for review purposes

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