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4 years ago

Hello all! So I`ve decided to do a review on something that I usually don`t do reviews on, which is contact lens and above all, color contact lenses!
Being a girl with uber dark brown eyes, sometimes I want to experiment with different colors for my eyes and Freshlook Colorblends is what gave me that opportunity!
The two colors that I decided to try out were True Sapphire and Honey. True Sapphire is a beautiful blue and Honey is a light brown (literally reminding me of honey). In the photos above, with flash, that is how the colors will look, they often look brighter than usual because of the light hitting the contacts, but in real life, True Sapphire is a tone down blue with almost light brown rimming the pupil. Honey is a very nice light brown in real life, its not too out there, so if you can`t handle wearing the blues and greys and greens, this would be a nice touch to any eye!
The comfort level of these, I would on a scale of 1 - 10, with 1 being really uncomfortable to 10 being `I could wear this all day and night!`, I would say these are anywhere around a 7 or 8. A couple of years ago, I use to be able to wear contacts everyday and all day (my day spanned from 6 in the morning to around 5 at night) but then my eyes started to become irritated and so I stopped and returned to wearing glasses. But recently, I`ve slowly started to train myself back up to wearing contacts again, and I didn`t want to go back to my O2 Optix (which was the brand of contacts I wore regularly back then). When you first put in Colorblends, they are super comfortable but I found that after about 6 hours, I had to take them off because I was getting a bit of dry eye and discomfort.

I definitely love these on me and I`ve worn them out and sometimes they freak out people because you usually don`t see asians with different eye colors. This is a better option for me rather than the circle lens because in Canada, I have yet to find a buyer that I think is legitimate in selling them and honestly, hearing all the things about the counterfeit ones, I`d rather stick to these instead!

The company that makes these are CIBA Vision, which is the same company that also makes O2 Optix, which I use to wear. I`ll explain why I only like this brand down below!

<strong>What you need to know before buying:</strong>
<ol> <li>These are not circle lens, which means don`t expect them to make your pupils look larger, they are simply regular lens that have a color on the iris portion of the contacts.</li> <li>Some of you might be wondering if the colored portion of the contact interferes with your sight and honestly I don`t think it has ever for me! My sight is just like that if I were wearing clear contacts.</li> <li>These lenses are not super soft, unlike the ones from Johnson and Johnson. I`ve tried both Acuvue and their color contacts and they both make my eyes itch and their contacts, to me, are impossible to take out because they are too soft for me to grasp in my eyes. With this said, this means that Colorblends sometimes will be more drier because they don`t retain as much moisture in them.</li> <li>Freshlook Colorblends is meant for dark eyes, but I`m not saying that blue eyes can`t pull off these contacts. But their colors are meant to be visible on those who have dark brown eyes and the colors look vibrant!</li> <li>In Canada, the prices may vary a bit depending on where you purchase the contacts. I purchased them in an optical store and they charged me $45 CDN a box and because both my eyes are the same degree, one box is good for both eyes!</li> <li>There is a rebate going on from CIBA Vision for their contacts, I don`t know all the rebates but you could check out their rebate website (! For my particular type of contacts though, the reward is if I buy two boxes of Freshlook Colorblends, I get $25 back!</li> </ol>

If you have any other questions just post them at the bottom and I`ll try to answer them the best I can!

Do you wear color contacts? Do you wear contacts at all?

*Pictures are mines!

Thanks for reading :)
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