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4 years ago

Hello lovely`s!!
Finally it`s Friday and we are almost on weekend mode!! But today i will be making some mini reviews of some products that i finished. I jointed several products, hope you don`t find the post to big ...

Oriflame Nature Secrets Body Cream - I already have a complete review on this product here, i loved the smell of this product, the consistency is really fluid and it blend well on the skin. Although i like to use it more on summer time instead.

The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Shower Gel - This shower gel have an amazing peach scent, it washes really well without leaving the skin dry. I really liked this product and i want to try all of the other products from this collection.

The Body Shop Coconut Shower Cream - I bought this shower cream for sale and it was 3 and it brings 400ml. It was a nice scent but it drys the skin a little bit.

L`oreal Elvive Arginina Resist Shampoo - I received this product for testing and i have to tell you that i didn`t like it, it doesn`t wash the hair properly. After using this product in the next day i was feeling my hair greasy on the roots. As for the purpose of this shampoo of strengthen the hair, i didn`t notice anything.

Liz Earle Botanic Shine Treatment - I already made a complete review on this here. I loved this product, it leaves my hair shiny and healthy, definitely a good hair treatment.

Gliss Hair Repair Spray Total Repair - I use to wear some spray conditioners to help comb the hair and making it more healthy. I didn`t like this product because it leaves the hair heavy, i prefer the Gliss Hair Repair Silk Gloss the pink one.

The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Body Butter - I loved this product, it belong to The Body Shop Christmas collection and i bought on sale. I love the scent of this collection, this body butter moisturizes the skin really well and it`s perfect for the winter time.

Optiva Aqua Capture Serum - I already have a review about some Optiva products here. I loved using this product, it left my skin really soft and healthy. I didn`t like the packaging because since it`s glass it turned out to be really difficult to get the least amount of product.

The Body Shop Mango Lip Butter - I love this product as the other lip butters they smell really well and moisturize the lips quite well. I use this product at night just because it`s not practical to wear during the day.

Dia Makeup Remover Wipes - This wipes were a really surprise for me, they clean all the makeup really well, they don`t remove waterproof makeup, but they are really great. I don`t know how much they cost because this was given to me by my mom. (unfortunately i don`t have this store next to me).

Olay Eye Gel - I already have this eye contour gel for a while and i decided that i need it to spend it. The purpose of this is to decrease the wrinkles and to deflate the eye area, and using this in the morning it really improve the dark circles. It costs around 15 and it brings 15ml.

Rilanja Face Lotion - As i have a Schlecker store next to me, one day i decided to try this product and this was really cheap but it doesn`t made anything on my skin. I don`t recommended.

The Body Shop Born Lippy - I already have a review on this product here. I loved it and i would repurchased again definitely.

The Body Shop Delipscious - I bought this lip balm on sale and it was really cheap, but i didn`t like it. The scent of the lipstick it`s really nice at the beginning but once you use it on the lips, the scent doesn`t get out it stays all day, leaving me a little sick. Then it tastes awful and it doesn`t moisturize my lips, i don`t recommended and i won`t buying it again.

Sorry for the long post, it turned out really big because of the huge amount of products.

Have you tried any of this products?

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