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4 years ago

Olive oil is something that I have grown to use more and more over the last two years, and during that time I have learned there are valuable health benefits associated with olive oil. Many people think of the word oil, throw up their hands and swear it off, especially if that person is on a diet and/or trying to lose weight. Little do people know you actually need some healthy oils in your diet to keep your body functioning in pristine condition. Think of it as a bit of fuel your body needs to keep churning, keep things moving, is healthy for your heart, etc. Olive oil is actually a good healthy fat when used in moderation and by moderation I am not saying dump half a bottle into a dish. If so, yeck!

If you cook or use EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) in your every day life, you know that olive oil has a pleasant taste. Its also a chameleon being able to morph its flavor around anything that you add to it. Whether that is herbs or spices, garlic, etc., it will infuse with whatever you add to it and make a nice, tasty dish.

Im not an olive oil brand snob. I buy whatever is essentially the cheapest at the market, and I tend to buy it often (I usually buy smaller bottles) because my boyfriend and I use it in a lot of our cooking. This is the first time I tried Filippo Berio Olive Oil (I had intentions of trying it once before, bought a bottle, brought it home and accidentally dropped it into the sink while trying to put it away bye, bye oil) and I must say its quite a good product. It has a very nice, pleasant taste, but the thing I like the most is the inner stopper and the lid. So many olive oils have a chinsey lid on them that just allows the olive oil to slosh over the sides and make the bottle all slick and greasy. This has a built in stopper that helps for easy pouring and the lip catches any excess oil before it can go gliding all over the place. Then the screw on lid is longer so it secures near the neck of the bottle. Olive oils can get pretty pricy and when youre losing product because its all over the bottle, it can get annoying especially when storing away because you have to make sure its not going to be staining whatever surface you place it on.

I have used the Filippo Berio olive oil to make a number of dishes pan fried pork chops (pictured), homemade sauce (pictured), fried eggs, lo mein, oven roasted potato wedges, roasted asparagus, etc.

Overall, I really like this olive oil and once my bottle is empty, I will be repurchasing.

Do you like olive oil?

<em>Disclaimer: I received a bottle of Filippo Berio Olive Oil from BzzAgent as part of a campaign to review the product at hand. This in no way has altered or swayed my opinions on the product.</em>

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