Review: Equate Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover (Tub)

4 years ago

About a month ago, I ran out of my Acetone nail polish remover and the Walmart that I had visited did not carry the brand that I wanted, so I just browsed around and happened to stumble across the <strong>Equate Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover</strong> in the tub form.

<strong>PRODUCT CLAIMS:</strong>
Protein Enriched
For Artificial & Natural Nails
Soften cuticles and add strength and resiliency for more beautiful nails

I don`t remember the exact price of this but it was somewhere around $2 I believe. This tub carries 6 fl oz of product (177 mL)

I was drawn to this packaging because I have never tried nail polish removers in this tub form before. As you can see from the picture, after you unscrew the lid, the inside of the tub is made of a large sponge that has pre-cut slits for you to put your finger in. The tub is saturated and filled with non-acetone nail polish remover and to remove your nails, you just twist your finger against the sides of the sponge and that is supposed to remove the nail polish. You can also just pour the remover onto a cotton ball and remover it that way if you don`t want to bother with the finger-twist thing.

While the concept was really cool and interesting, I quickly found out that I did NOT like this at all. Perhaps it was because the formulation of the remover was non-acetone, which made the nail polish remover process to take FOREVER. I found myself twisting my finger in there for the longest time. When I got frustrated, I just poured the liquid onto a cotton ball to remove my polish that way, but it also took a while before everything came off as well. The thing I dislike the most was that after you were done, your fingers had this oily/greasy feel to them. I guess that`s part of the product claim to soften your cuticles and whatnot... I didn`t like it at all.

<strong>OVERALL, I give the Equate Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover (Tub) a D</strong>
I do NOT recommend this product as a nail polish remover. It is ineffective and will take forever to remove your polish. I did not enjoy the greasy feel it left behind once I removed my nail polish and had to wash my hands after with soap to get rid of it.

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