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5 years ago

About a month or two ago, I bought two EOS shaving creams from Walgreens. I`ve only had the opportunity to try out one of the ones I bought--in the scent pomegranate raspberry. For as long as I`ve been shaving, Ive always been a "Skintimate" type of girl. I used it purely for the sake of its fruity smell. Luckily, I`m starting to slowly notice that I have more fruity options available to me--such as this product. I feel like the smell is for this product is more toned down. Its for individuals who love scented shaving cream, but do not want to sport the smell after they`ve already been out half the day [as other creams tend to do].

This product has a different take on typical shaving cream. I love that the bottle is not made out of a can, but instead out of a plastic bottle. So it can be recycled. Also, as you can see from the second picture, the consistency is not a gel that turns into foam like I`m used to. It has more of a lotion-like consistency. I`ve found this to be good as well as bad. Good, because it allows me to shave dryly without water. Plus, I find it to be very moisturizing. The bottle boasts that it contains natural aloe and shea butter. I definitely notice it. The lotion consistency is bad because it just plain clogs out the razor. This actually is the only complaint I have about this product. I shave in the shower. So when I want to clean the razor out, I find myself always banging it against the shower wall. To rid this problem, when I shave, I grab a cup so I can swirl the razor around to rid the shaving cream.

<strong> Pro`s: </strong>
-Modern shaped plastic bottle.
-Very moisturizing.
-Can use wet/dry.

<strong> Cons: </strong>
-Clogs razor easily.
-Around $4.

<em> Would I repurchase this product? </em> Yes of course. I love that its so moisturizing and leaves my legs silky smooth. I think the pro`s outweigh the cons. I have to admit though, I don`t think I`d pay full retail for this shaving cream. I`d probably wait till I saw a good sale again.

Have you tried EOS shaving cream? What kind of shaving cream do you buy?


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