Review: EOS Lipbalm in Summer Fruit!

4 years ago

Hello Luuuxers! I know, I know, I just got this lipbalm two days ago which usually isn`t enough time to test out a product and have a review out but I`m like almost 100% sure that my opinion isn`t going to change for this product, even if I use it for the next few years so here I have my review over the <strong>EOS Lipbalm in Summer Fruit</strong>! Unfortunately, this product didn`t work out for me well at all although there were some nice aspects to it :)

<strong>Packaging (3.5/5)</strong>
So EOS is known for their egg shaped lipbalm which is super <strong>cute</strong> and fun! Although it is really aesthetically appealing, its a bit <strong>impractical and bulky</strong>. For example if you stuck it inside your pocket, you`d have a little bump there! >.< The round shape does <strong>make applying lipbalm easier</strong> because you just roll it along your lip but its not too much better than a normal chapstick!

<strong>Scent/ Taste (5/5) </strong>
OMG this is definitely the high point of both the EOS lipbalms that I have tried! This particular one <strong>smells fruity but not tacky</strong> at all and <strong>tastes fainly sweet but not in a sickly sweet or disgusting way.</strong> Basically, both of these aspects are really <strong>pleasant</strong> and appealing!

<strong>Moisturization/ Effect (1/5) </strong>
I did not like how this moisturized at all! The <strong>formula is quite thin</strong> which I don`t like in lipbalms because it feels like they moisturize so much more when they`re thick! In addition to being thin, this product actually <strong>dried out my lips</strong>! I decided to put this on when I had perfectly fine lips just because I felt that it`d be fun but after about 10 or 15 minutes, my <strong>lips got cracky and peel-y</strong>. Not a good experience at all! In addition when I decided to hold an experiment where I applied it to only my bottom lip and not the top one, the bottom one started peeling but the top one remained fine =_=

<strong>Overall (2/5)</strong>
As much as I wanted to like this product, I just couldn`t because it didn`t do the one thing a lipbalm is always supposed to do: moisturize the lips! Its really not worth the money if its not going to do the job well. Not only did it not help but it actually made my lips peel which is not something a lipbalm should do! Oh well, some products just don`t work out :( I did add a point for the cute packaging, great smell, and taste because those types of little girly things just make me like products more x)

<strong>Have you ever tried the EOS before? Are you a fan of it?</strong>

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