Review: ELF`s 32 Piece Eyeshadow Palette in Cool

4 years ago

So I just got this a couple of days ago from Giant Tiger! I live in Canada, so to get my hands on ELF in store is a bit more difficult, but I`m hoping that once Target opens up here, it will be much more easier for me! So ELF has recently put out their 2012 holiday collection and I decided to pick up this palette from them, last year I skipped out on the warm palette from their holiday collection and ended up having to purchase it from Winners, which severely overcharges for ELF products!
The palette I purchased is the <strong>ELF 32 Piece Cool Eyeshadow Palette</strong>, on their website, this is the same thing as their Brights palette. This retails for $5 USD, but from Giant Tiger it costs $6 CDN, which still isn`t as bad as Winners, which charged me $9 CDN! I was hoping they would have the one for everyday eye as well, but they seem to only have two variations, the cool palette (which is the one I bought) and the warm palette (which I already own).
There have been different variations of the `cool` palette in the past and those variations haven`t really captured my attention, but for some reason this one did and maybe it`s because of its color options. I found that this particular cool palette doesn`t have such bright bright colors, it has color, but they are partially muted or very darken. I bought the Sephora+Pantone Universe summer palette a couple of weeks ago (check it out:, so I`m happy this ELF palette doesn`t have along the same lines with regards to color!
The colors included are browns, greens, purples, blues, pinks, greys and blacks. There are some really bright colors, like the hot magenta pink and then there are some really pretty subtle colors, like the peaches and champagnes! So there is definitely good color choices here. There is also a mixture of finishes for the shadows. Majority are satin or frosty, very little are matte or glitter.
ELF products are often hit or miss most of the time, if you get lucky, you get the pigmented stuff! Generally, it`s been pretty good for me, considering the price! This palette is no exception, there are some colors in here that are just meh in pigmentation, but the pros out weigh the cons and I`m happy with it overall. I`ve provided swatches (without primer) for each row and from the swatches, its clear to see that generally the first three rows have pretty good pigmentation, but the last row is mediocre...the dark shades just completely lack any color or definition. Maybe with primer or base, they will show up a lot better! Most of the shadows were soft and creamy, but again, the shadows on the bottom row, some were chalky and some weren`t.
I would definitely recommend this palette for those who are starting out with makeup or want a little color! For the price, there isn`t much I can complain about (well maybe the last row) but I have other palettes that can fill that void!
Have you guys tried the new 32 eyeshadow palettes from ELF yet? Do you like the color selection?

*Pictures are mine!

Thanks for reading :)
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