Review: ELF Shimmering Facial Whip in Spotlight

4 years ago

Hey Lovely luuuxers, So I haven`t done a product review in months and Ive collected a lot of items over the time period that I haven`t posted here on luuux. Most of the product are old items that I purchased and never got around to putting up. So I`m making it a point to review all of these products that Ive collected, and get back to posting on here regularly! I`m positive that most of you ladies are familiar with ELF. right? Yeah so Ive had the ShimmeringFacialWhip in spotlight for a while now. Okay, so when I was first starting out with makeup elf was one of the first brands that I really was able to purchase on my own. I remember buy almost all of the essential brand product just because they where only $1.00! To me elf is kind of a hit and miss brand when talking about the essential product. I know a lot of girls rave about their products, and dont get me wrong I was one of those girls too but as I got older and more knowledgeable about makeup and different brands I became less and less fond of elf products. Aside from the liner and some of the lip products I tend to stay away from elf, but since most of the products are between $1-3 I never really complained much about the brand. I just figured hey its only $1 and you get what you pay for! But for the most part I never really ventured out to try any new elf product until I came across the Shimmering Facial Whip. Before I purchased the Shimmering Facial Whip I had this huge obsession with Kim Kardashians make up look. Mainly her bright concealer and the shimmery glow she had that highlighted her cheek bone. I know I look nothing like kim k, but I was obsessed with figuring out how I could get that same look on my dark complexion. So one day I was watching a video by one of my favorite beauty guru on YT named lipsh0ck_ and she had created a look that was so similar to what kim had. I was so excited that someone of my skin complexion had recreated the Kim look that I had to start using her method. In the video she used benefits high beam which is a liquid highlighter to create the look. As you all may know benefits is a high end make up brand and high beam in sephora cost $26.00 not including tax. For me that was kind of on the pricier side especial since a full sized bottle of high beam was the size of a nail polish bottle! Although I really wanted high beam I decided not to purchase it, but instead I began to search for an alternative product. One day I was in my local target and I decide to see if there were any new drug store products out that I could try. As looked down the aisle I notice the Shimmering Facial Whip in the elf section. Even though I hadnt tried any elf products in a while, and I was pretty skeptical about it I decide to purchase it anyway for just $1.07! my thought: After giving the product a try I was really satisfied with it overall I achieved the look I was going for without spending almost $30 for high beam. I like the product for what its worth, but I dont think that Ill ever go out and repurchase the other colors. Simple because I like to use spotlight for highlighting and I dont think I would have any use for the other colors. Although I think that if you are of a fair skin tone you could use them as a blush. The Shimmering Facial Whip has a nice scent the one I have a has a citrus smell. I like the small tube packaging although its simple and rather cheap. I like how I am able to dot the product on my face where I need it to be. The only thing I dislike is that the product is a little too loose for my liking which makes the product spread everywhere, and the shimmers separate from the base so you have to make sure you mix it well before usage. Overall I like the shimmer whip if needed I probably would repurchase this, but the one I have has lasted me for awhile now! Pros: inexpensive nice application long lasting has a good scent Cons: Packaging is cheap Product too watery Beauty Questions! What do you guys think of this product?

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