Review: Duri Cosmetics Rejuvacote Nail Growth System

4 years ago

Hey guys! I`m going to switch things up a bit before I continue the rest of my nail collection posts and review a product (which is related) that I`ve been loving!

Back in August I was in Toronto for my best friend`s wedding and before the big day we went to get manicures (which was actually the first time I got one!). My best friend never used to get acrylic nails consistently for the past 4-5 years and recently she (FINALLY) got into wearing nail polish. I noticed that her nails were so healthy and long and was complimenting her on them when she told me that she`d been using a nail hardner/strenghthener from that salon.

The lady doing our nails told us that this is great as a basecoat and topcoat, and should be reapplied everyday at first, and eventually every other day. I`ve been doing that for the past 3 months and I honestly LOVE the results! My nails never used to get as long as they do now! They would break easily, and so even if some would be long they`d be different lengths because some would break (which I hate) so I would cut them short. They would chip and tear (which still happens if I forget to be regular about this coat).

I absolutely love this product, although this is the first nail hardner I`ve ever used and I reckon many others do just as good of a job. I was surprised at the cost ($20 CA), which apparently is close to how much the OPI version is too. I think this product is unnecessarily pricey, and if you have healthy nails I wouldnt get it, but if your nails need a strengthener then I would definitely try one because the results can be phenomenal!

I don`t live in Toronto anymore so I will be repurchasing another brand`s nail hardner and I`ll keep you posted on how that one is and probably do a comparison post when I finish that one (I have less than a fifth of this bottle left so I`ll be getting another one soon).

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Please comment below and let me know which nail strengthener/hardner you like and would recommend. I would appreciate suggestions that are cheaper lol, but I definitely don`t want to compromise the results:).

Happy Luuuxing everyone!

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