Review: Duo Brush-on False Eyelash Glue

4 years ago

I use falsies almost everyday, and I have quite a big collection of them. My favourite falsie adhesive is Duo. I`ve used the clear one as well as the one that dries black. When Duo came out with a brush on adhesive, I just had to try it.

I haven`t seen this product in Canadian drugstores, so I ordered it on Ebay. It was about $10 including shipping, which is probably a little less than what I would be paying if they were sold instores.

This product claims to contain Vitamins A, C and E. I`ve been using it for about a week now, and haven`t yet noticed visible lash growth or anything.

One thing I really like about this product is the brush tip. I know that different people have different ways to apply eyelash glue onto the lash strip. My way of doing it was to squeeze out a little bit and glide it across the lash strip. I would often end up over squeezing and wasting a lot of product because it`s hard to get the glue back into the tube once you have squeezed it out. With the brush tip, you get just the right amount of glue to apply onto 1 lash strip. You definitely save a lot of product that way.

However, the drawbacks of the brush tip design is that when you are almost out of the glue, it`d be almost impossible to get that last bit out since the brush is shorter than the length of the tube. Therefore, I can foresee some product wastage. Also, I used to be able to apply glue onto both lashes, then put them on one by one. Now, with less product on the lash strip, the glue dries very fast. I have to be really quick with putting on the lashes, or else the product will completely dry out and become not sticky anymore. I then have to re-apply the glue.

<strong>Final Thoughts</strong>
Overall, I think I`d still go with the brush-tip in the future. I`m pretty quick at putting on falsies now so the drying too fast part is not a problem for me. But for beginners, I do not recommend this packaging.

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