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4 years ago

Okay so I received the Dr.Sholl`s messaging gel insoles for women, and it states that is DOUBlES the comfort in your shoes, and absorbs shock all day, everyday.This is the first time i`ve tried any shoe insoles and to be honest, it was a little disappointing.

Here`s some information about me, and what i wear these for. I go running around my neighborhood for about 30 mintues a few days a week. I run on the road, i guess pavement, and there`s really no dramatic inclines. Nothing where i have to exert too much force. There`s just a slight slope. Usually after running for a while about 15-20 minutes in, and i take a break, the soles of my feet feel really tired and it hurt everytime i walk. Like there`s something being stretched at the soles. I was really hoping these insoles would help with that.

First off let`s start of with the things I didn`t like since there was more of that then of what i did like. To test this, I wore the insoles in one shoes and the left the other foot controlled.

1.The gel texture at the bottom, makes it hard to insert into the shoes. I don`t know if im doing this wrong but I feel like it just `sticks` and it`s hard to slide and position it around.
2.I had to trim it. I didnt expect this actually. I always thought they sold it for specific sizes. My insoles were made for sizes 6-10 and that`s obviously a very wide difference. I did not like how trimming i left it with a unsmooth end. BUT i understand why they do this, because it wastes less materials than to make whole, specific shoe sizes than to just make this one then let the comsumer trim off the excess. So it`s not that bad since it`s hidden in your shoes anyways, but just the extra efforts ticks me off a little.
3. Probably the biggest CON about this one is that, it does nothing. yeah, I said it. nothing. Absolutely nothing. You may be shocked to hear it because ive read so many good reviews on Dr.Scholl`s products, but sadly this will not be one of them. I still felt the same pain as i always did in my feet. ALSO, i noticed that in the shoes that had the insoles, it was more hot and had that burning feeling whereas on the other leg it was less.

1. Makes my shoes and foot feel bouncy. And i dont know what the benefit of this is but it feels nice.
2.I tried to put these into my heeled boots, and i think it works a little better, because usually heels with that incline leave a little space in between your soles and the shoe, so that area that isn`t touching a surface has little to no support, but this insoles fill in that little gap, so indeed it was a little bit more comfortable. However i didnt wear these long enough with the boots [since it`s summer] but maybe when winter time comes along i`ll try it out and see how much i like it. This is probably the only reason why this product has 3 stars.

Overall, i wasnt very satisifed with these. For a first time trying these out, i wish i could have been more impressed, but im not. /: I`ll give these another go another time but as of now, i think im fine without them.

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