Review: Dr. Scholl`s Massaging Gel Insoles

4 years ago

Not too long ago, I participated in the Dr. Scholl`s Massaging Gel Insoles campaign on BzzAgent and received in my BzzKit a pair of <strong>Dr. Scholl`s Massaging Gel Insoles</strong>.
I have always wanted to try out a pair of Dr. Scholl`s insoles but never got around to doing so! I`m really glad I had the opportunity to try it out.

Dr. Scholl`s Massaging Gel Insoles are designed for both men and women who are constantly on their feet and are looking for that extra support, shock protection and comfort in their feet.

<strong>What`s great about the Dr. Scholl`s Masaging Gel Insoles:</strong>
- By adding the insoles to your most worn pair of shoes, you are easing any discomfort that you may experience in your foot
- The "Dual Wave Design" is designed to provide double the support and protection; The soft blue gel provides cushion and awesome shock absorption. The firmer purple gel on the insole gives extra support
- Can be used in a variety of shoes: Work Boots/Shoes, Casual Shoes, Sneakers
- Are designed to fit a wide range of shoe sizes (Men`s 8-13) / (Women`s 6-10)

Dr. Scholl`s Massaging Gel Insoles retail for $12.99 but pricing will vary. You can find the Dr. Scholl`s Massaging Gel Insoles at various drugstores, grocery stores, and discount mass retailers (Walmart, Target, etc) in the foot care aisle. There is also a money back guarantee if you are not happy with your purchase!

When I first got these, I really liked playing around with the gel insoles just to get a feel of the support that it gave. I could tell that there was a difference in the "stiffness" of the gel insoles; the blue part was more soft while the purple part was a bit more firm. One thing that I really liked about these insoles is that it does not matter what size shoe you are, since you can just cut the gel insoles to your shoe size. That`s what I did as illustrated in the picture! There are these "marks" that show you where to cut if you want to get a more custom fit to your shoe size. Since I am a size 5, but the boots that I wear are a size 6, I cut it down to the 6 inch mark. I thought that these gel insoles were going to be a bit hard to cut, but I was very surprised to find that it wasn`t the case at all - they were really easy to cut through!

The directions tell you to to first remove the insoles that are already in your shoes, but I did not do that. After cutting the insoles down to my shoe size, I placed them in my shoe (upside down so that the smooth part of insole is what the bottom of your feet is touching while the gel part of the insole is what attaches to your shoe. Since I was putting them in my boots, it was a bit tricky getting it to fit right, but in the end, it was a really good fit!!!

After placing the insoles in my boots, I could really tell a difference than when I had no insoles placed in them. I wear these boots really often, practically everyday, at school. When I first got the boots, I thought they were comfortable but after having the insoles in, I was wrong! The insoles helped to give the bottom of my feet that extra support that I lacked since the original insoles in the boots are not that great at all. Also, when I walk a lot, I do experience shock towards the bottom of my feet. It feels really "itchy" and sort of hurts. With the insoles, I hardly get them anymore!

<strong>OVERALL, I recommend the Dr. Scholl`s Massaging Gel Insoles!</strong>
I think that if you are someone who is constantly on your feet and lacks the extra support from your current pair of shoes, you should try these massaging gel insoles. It`s great that you can fit them in different types of shoes as well. They definitely make my feet a lot more happy and comfortable! As for the retail price of $12.99, I think that it is really reasonable. You do have to replace the insoles around every 6 months.

I received the Dr. Scholl`s Massaging Gel Insoles for free as a BzzAgent for participaton in a BzzCampaign, but in no way does that compromise the honesty and integrity of my thoughts and opinions. I was not paid for this review and these are my own honest opinions.

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