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While I was in Hong Kong for a visit, I purchased the Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in Black from Sasa. I really can`t remember how much I bought it for, but it was definitely cheaper than buying it here in Australia!

Usually I`m a fan of gel liner and not liquid at all because i don`t have a steady hand and I always seem to stuff up in previous experiences. But after seeing so many people RAVE about the Dolly Wink liquid liner, I couldn`t help but have the urge to try it out! After all, I`ve never tried a liquid liner in a pencil form before.

The outer packaging was heaps cute! Like you don`t realise how cute it is until it`s actually time to open it up and then you`ll start seeing the little details put in. I love the packaging but too bad i don`t have a picture of it because I threw it away after I used it for a while.

Anyways, I LOVE THIS LINER! I really didn`t expect to love it so much but I do! It is sooo much easier to apply since it`s in a pen form. But when doing the wing, make sure both sides are even because they both may be perfect when looking at it alone but when you take a step back to see the overall result, it may surprise how uneven your eyes are! happened to me the first time! The liner is really dark and black, and applies thinly so if you`re after a thicker line you`d need to build it up. The fine tip is great as it provides versatility and let`s you build up the thickness based on your own liking whereas compared to gel and pencil liners, they apply thicker. It stays on all day! But of course if you rubs your eyes while crying, some of it is going to rub off. SO DON`T CRY!

I would really recommend this product to liquid liner lovers out there! Wait, even if you love gel or pencil liner, there`s a possibility you`d become a liquid liner like I did! And if you`re just starting out as a beginner, practice makes perfect!

Tell me about your experience with liquid liners! :)

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