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while shopping in georgetown a few weeks ago, i decided to stop by one of my favorite stores, bluemercury. im usually disciplined when it comes to beauty stores: i go in with a purpose, keep my eye on the prize, and get out before i can be tempted by any other products. during my last trip, i went in to try out the new nars tinted moisturizer (which i loved! and plan on purchasing soon). unfortunately they were out of stock in my color, and i was talking to (read: babbling away) at the girl who was doing my makeup about dark spots, she dropped everything and grabbed this relatively new darphin product. i was a bit hesitant at first, but she spoke so highly of it since she had used it herself, and i decided to go through with it.

admittedly, my main problem is that i dont apply SPF daily. i know, i know. its primarily because my nars sheer glow foundation doesnt have any built into it, nor does my moisturizer. and whenever i apply SPF separately, my face gets all greasy and unpleasant by mid-afternoon. as a result, ive acquired some dark spots along the bridge of my nose and on the top of my cheeks. i also still have some acne scars from last year, and chemical exfoliation is helping, but isnt totally taking care of the unevenness in my skin tone. i have been using this steadily for a little over two weeks morning and night, and im starting to become a believer.

the dark spots are definitely much lighter than they used to be, and i anticipate they will only get lighter as the weeks go on. but my main obsession with this product is how it makes my skin feel. its a lightweight serum that is not sticky and has the consistency of a good primer. it leaves my skin feeling velvety and silky, evening out the texture of my skin and keeping it moisturized without leaving a film. it also doesnt break me out, which is imperative. the only downside with this product is the price: $95 dollars for a 1 oz bottle. luckily, a little goes a long way, and i had a leftover gift card to cushion the blow. i intend to pay full price for this when i need a refill though, and am curious to start trying other products in the darphin line.

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