Review: Dark Shadows

4 years ago

I love this movie!!! When the movie ended I literally couldn`t stop smiling. I honestly didn`t have high expectations for the movie because the trailer made it look silly and Johnny`s hairstyle looked kinda wack, but it was actually really good for the most part. The Burton-Depp-Carter trio always works amazingly well together. I hope one day I can join them. Also, Eva Green`s voice worked perfectly for her character.

The one critique I have is that towards the end when it got to the most climatic point it felt really awkward just because everything happened at once and the acting by Chloe Grace Moretz didn`t seem very natural. It was just a really awkward moment. Also, I like Chloe, but her acting felt off to me during this movie. I don`t know if this makes sense, but... her acting made it feel like she was acting. It didn`t feel like she fully transformed into the character. There was a disconnect between the lines and how she portrayed them, but mostly in that awkward moment near the end. If you watch the movie you will probably know what I`m talking about, but I don`t want to spoil it.

Anyways, I definitely recommend this movie.

P.S. The beginning looked like Pirates of the Caribbean. That was awesome.

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