Review: Dark Knight Rises

4 years ago

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I went to see this movie on Saturday. I thought it was entertaining and I liked the cast. I thought Ann Hataway was a really good Catwoman and I liked that they didn`t make her into a personified cat but instead chose to be more subtle with her catlike qualities. This doesn`t mean I didn`t like Michelle Pfifer as Catwoman. It was just refreshing to see a different take on the character. Also, I liked that she wasn`t innocent but still kicked butt. I also thought the twist to the ending was surprising. The action was awesome and so were Batman`s new toys.

Okay, now the bad stuff. OMG, Bane`s (the villian) voice was so annoying because you couldn`t understand a thing he said. You can infer what he was trying to say by the responses he would get but it was so hard to understand. Same goes for Batman. He was hard to understand too. Although, easier to understand than Bane. Hubby and I both felt the same annoyance and look forward to getting the DVD so we can get the subtitles. We`re both American born too. So, it`s not because we don`t have a fair grasp of the English language.

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