Review: Cutex Polish Remover Pads

4 years ago

I recently received a sample size pack of Cutex Nail Polish Remover Pads in the mail! These pads claim to "strengthen and nourish nails with botanical oils." They also claim to easily remove polish for ten nails.

* This pad did not smell like nail polish remover at all! It actually smelled quite pleasant; kind of lemony and herbal.
* It removed my polish very quickly! Just a few swipes and it was off of my nails! Granted it was a cheap polish, but I was impressed!

* I have relatively short nails, so I figured I would be able to use the pad for my toenails as well. It dried out kind of quickly so while it got the polish off of all 10 of my fingernails, I couldn`t use it on my toes :( I don`t know if this would be a problem for those of you with longer nails and more polish to remove...
* While I only got one little package, I feel like it would be kind of wasteful to buy a bunch of these little packages... I don`t know what would generate more waste, an empty bottle or a bunch of plastic packages, but I hate the idea of generating a lot of garbage; I`m tryin` ta keep it green, yo!

Overall, I liked this product, but I dunno if I would necessarily buy it. I kind of like normal nail polish remover better for some reason, while this would be convenient to have if you`re doing your nails on the go.

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