Review: Cranberry Mandarin Candle Set

4 years ago

A while back I went to Walmart with my mom, which is her main source of candles, and smelt this scent. I instantly fell in love with it and decided to pick up the whole set for my room. I personally love decorating with pretty candles all over my room and I loved the smell so it was a two in one!

I`ve since burnt the entire box set and thought I would review it for you guys. Although the scent is very nice, and quite accurate to its name, the smell is so faint when burning. I don`t remember ever really smelling the scent in my room the whole time I went through this set. I often burn candles in my room when I`m working, and although you get used to the scent and stop smelling it when you`re sitting in the room (true for most candles), I didn`t smell it if I left and came back either (which I always do with my B&BW candles).

This set was for $15, which is a great price for the amount of product you receive. However, I did not realize that the jars would not have the stickers on them with their name, which took away from their decor value, and their lack of scent takes away from their value as candles. Thus, I would not recommend this set (at least). I don`t know about the other scents at Walmart, but I`m not wasting anymore money on them. I`m going back to my B&BW!

Hope you enjoyed and happy Luuuxing!

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