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4 years ago

This has to be my favourite review that I have done to date. I love arts and crafts and being given the chance to review some interesting products was a great opportunity. This was the first time I have had the change to review craft items and I really enjoyed it. The products are fantastic and I want you all to know about them

I got sent a variety of ribbons, with different designs, thickness and also materials. I also got sent some absolutely amazing buttons which are very unique and really outstanding. The company as great customer service and I felt I could ask them any queries or questions that I had. They work well with their customers and always work in the best interest of their customers. The shipping time was amazing, I got them the day after they emailed me to tell me they had sent them. They also design most of their ribbons themselves which means they are exclusive to them and also that means they have a huge range of ribbon designs and styles.

I Love Ewe Ribbon
This ribbon is adorable. It is exclusive to craftyribbons so you will not find it anywhere else. It is grosgrain ribbon and the quality is amazing. I love the design of the ewe word being exchanged for you. Its a cute kind of cheesy quote that I personally love. The little sheep are adorable and one, which stands out more than the others, it black instead of white and also has a thought bubble thinking of love which goes amazing with the idea. I also love the colour scheme of this, there are not to many colours, its black and which with hints of red. Personally this as to be one of my favourite ribbons. It would be good on an anniversary card for your husband/wife. It is £1.00 for 2 meters of this or £4.50 for 10 meters

Gingerbread man Ribbon
This ribbon is very thick. This is a very Christmassy/wintery themed ribbon. This ribbon is also grosgrain and another ribbon exclusive to craftribbons. My nan actually pointed out tat this would make a great ribbon to go around the side of a cake. I personally have different plans/ideas for this ribbon. I am a dolls house collector and love making things for my dolls house and I would love to have ago at make some Christmassy themes cushions for it. The colours of this are quite vintage and not very bright which give an amazing wintery affect. It uses alot of red and greens which are of course Christmassy colours. This ribbon is £1.00 for 1 meter or £8.30 for 10 meters. Its an adorable ribbon that I think is a must for all ribbon collections.

Film Strip Ribbon
Out of all the ribbons, this design is my absolute favourite. I love the idea of the film strip and I actually enjoyed trying to make up a little story to go along with the different sections. The material for this ribbon is alot different to the others, it is a satin ribbon. This ribbon is another exclusive ribbon and out of all of them, this is my ultimate favourite. I love them all but this is my number one. The colours of these are very cold wintery colours and personally I love them. I have some great ideas for this ribbon, I intend to use some in my scrapbook which I will be posting pictures of. This ribbon is £1.25 for 1 meter or £20.00 for 20 meters.

Lace Ribbon
The lace I got sent to me is cream but they have a huge range of colours to choose from. It is abit different from the other ribbons, its a lace trim and would look lovely in a scrapbook or on cards. I mentioned earlier about my dolls house and I am thinking about useing this as a bed skirt on my bed. This ribbon is £1.20 for 1 meter.

Paw print Ribbon
This is another gorgeous ribbon. My dog ment alot to me before she dies and I want to do a scrapbook page for her in my book and I intend to use this on that. Craftyribbons has a wide range of colours, the one I got sent to me is called tan grosgrain. It is a tan coloured ribbon with chocolate colours paw prints on it. It is a beautiful ribbon that I think is another staple in a ribbon collection. There is lots of beautiful crafts to do with this ribbon. It is £1.00 for 1 meter

Macaroon Ribbon
This ribbon is another exclusive to craftyribbons ribbon that is grosgrain. I love the detailing on this ribbon, you can see all the detailing on the individual macaroons. Macaroons are sometimes associated with paris/france and I love that place with a passion so understandable I love this ribbon. My favourite thing about this ribbon actually is the colour scheme. I love pastel colours and all the macaroons are different pastel colours. This ribbon is a nice decorative ribbon to decorate storage items to make them look beautiful. This ribbon is £1.00 for 1 meter, £8.30 for 10 meters and £60.00 for 91 meters.

Nautical/Sailing Ribbon
This is a cute summery ribbon, I think this would look nice if I used some to make is into a pin/broche for summer. It has some nautical images on it that you associate with sailors. The colours used a red and dark blue which are nautical colours and work really well with design. It is a grosgrain ribbon like most of the ribbons I have reviewed and this ribbon is £0.70 for 1 meter.

Minnie mouse and Hello Kitty Ribbon
I am reviewing these together because they are very similar. They are both grosgrain ribbon and also my little cousins favourite ribbons out of all of my ribbons that I own. I am planning on useing them to make some hair clips so check my blog for posts on that. The hello kitty ribbon is on a pale blue background and as the hello kitty face and ribbons alternating across the ribbon. The Minnie mouse ribbon as the Minnie mouse black face with the bow in its air and it has a pale pink background. I have lots of ideas for this. The hello kitty ribbon has lots of different styles and colours and also lots of different prices so check them out to see the full range. The Minnie mouse ribbon I got is called Pink Mini Red Bow but there are also lots of different styles and prices of this ribbon so check this out aswell.

I got tree different buttons to review. One was carrot which I love the detailing on it, I am planning on making a plushie snowman or something similar and useing this as a nose. The other two buttons are both paris themed, I mentioned earlier in this post that I love paris and I got two wooden buttons themed around this. I got an Eiffel tower button which I am planning on useing it in my dolls house, and I also got Arch de Triumph which is another famous monument in paris. Te photos I have taken of this and the photos on the website do not give justice on how beautiful these are in real life. The detail is absolutely outstanding and I have had them a while now and I still look at them in shock. These are the best things they sent me out of everything and I will never understand how amazing they are.

All the ribbons had abit of trouble with fraying but it is easy to stop that when useing in crafts by sewing or putting clear nail polish on the ends so its not a huge problem, most ribbons fray.

So that is everything, I will be purchasing from this company in the future. I absolutely love this company and will be purchasing lots of their things and you should all check them out too. Just a quick thankyou to craftyribbons for this opportunity.

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