Review: Clinical Proof Deodorant

5 years ago

Hey luuuxers

I went grocery shopping and came by this deodorant which was half price. I`ve been actually quite curious to the new range of "clinically proven" formulas to really keep sweat and STINK abay.

The normal deodorant that i use is in the last photo, i`ve used that since i started using deodorant - which was about...15 or so? i think even before that. I LOVE this specific scent and i only like this time of stick deodorant, i don`t like the wet roll on ones they take ages to dry and it cracks during the day it`s just gross.

So anyways, my verdict? well i don`t konw whether it`s because it`s a comfort thing - but i feel like i stink with the new one? my husband and everyone around me tells me i don`t. But i just feel .. not right lol. so i`ll be finishing this one and going back to my original and NEVER going to try anything else i think. i`m so happy with that one, if i ever find it to be discontinued i think i may just write them a letter or something lol ( i was going to say die but that`s over the top)

So this one here "clinical proof" says you`re supposed to put it on at night time and it`ll work for you the next morning for 24hrs. i do feel dry for the whole day, but i`d like my arm pits to have a bit of air at night, so i don`t even like the idea of that.

Let me konw:
- have you tried this? or anything similar
- would you buy it to try?

Thanks for dropping by, all photos are mine, please don`t steal

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