REVIEW: Clean amp Clear Moisturizer

4 years ago

This is my all time favorite face moisturizer that I`m currently using. Its been part of my everyday face routine for the longest time, probably since my freshmen year of high school when I started breaking out. They changed the bottle and sorta revamped it a few years ago, but its still the good stuff.

Its made specifically to treat and/or prevent pimples. It contains 0.5% salicylic acid, which is whats used in most acne clearing products. And because it has such a small percentage of it, it doesn`t dry out or irritate your skin, which is a good thing.
It says its oil-free and moisturizes dry skin. And thats true. It doesn`t leave that oily, greasy after feeling. Right now, I have combination skin but that changes from time to time. Especially in the winter time, my skin gets pretty dried and almost flaky.
I use it as a "base" for those rare occassions when I do wear makeup. It holds on to my concealer and foundation, without leaving noticeable patches from acne scars. It also makes it a lot easier and smoother to apply.
And last, but not least the price. This is really cheap and affordable. You can find this at any drugstore, Target, Walmart, etc. If you have a local Rite Aid in your area, defiinately check it out because they always have great sales and coupons. Its a 4 fl oz bottle, which usually range from $5-7. good right?

Have you guys ever tried this? what do moisturizer do you use?

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