Review: Clean amp Clear

4 years ago

Hey everybody this is my first post on luuux, i hope you like it!

Have you tried the Clean and Clear blackhead eraser scrub?

On the front of the bottle is claims, that using this product will result in fewer blackheads in just two days... well other products that say things like this i find aren`t usually true, but this blackhead eraser scrub works! I noticed fewer blackheads after on use, now image what it would be like after scrubing your face every night with this. The actual product inside the tube is a creamy consistanty with like blue beads. When I first used it I thought the beads would like dissolve but these are pretty hard and actually scrub your face.

I highly recommend this facial scrub to anybody who has blackheads, if you have sensitive skin this might iritate your skin so maybe this isn`t the product for you, but i love it. <3

Question: What is your favorite skin care project?

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