Review: Chocolate First Aid Tin

4 years ago

The products in this review were sent to m for free for reviewing purposes but that doesn`t affect my opinion in anyway. Images and text/opinions are my own.

This is a lovely products and one of my favourites that I have ever had to review. It is from the website:

I love the idea. It is a first aid kit themes chocolate giftset with things inside themed around what you would have in a traditional first aid kit such as plasters and tablets. This is a great gift to give someone who is a doctor/medical student? Someone who is unwell? Or just as a cute gift for a family member or a friend. I love the tin, it can be kept afterwards and is a very sturdy tin and I have bashed it and been quite rough with it and it has no marks or dints. The taste of this chocolate is absolutely divine. It says on the tin it is Belgium chocolate which you can definitely taste the difference between ordinary chocolate and this. If I am honest it looks abit dry in the packaging but when you taste it, it is like heaven has entered. It is so creamy and think. It is lovely for the ultimate chocolate lover. I honestly havent tried any chocolate as nice as this. The price of it is quite high (£19.95) but I think as a present and for the quality of the chocolate and for the unique/cute idea, it is worth it. I would but this again as it tastes yummy and I loved the idea. I am thinking about ordering one for my mums birthday in a few months. The shipping of this product from prezzy box was amazing. It arrived the next day. I would give this product a 10/10 because I am actually in love with everything about it.


The emergency Bar - (Image 3) This is just a standard bar of chocolate... It looks it and it doesn`t seem to go wit the rest of the theme in the tin. This is what I thought at first but thinking about it, it does go with the theme. It is supposed to be the bar of chocolate to have in an emergency so like any type of medication. I love on the back of the wrapper, it looks like a prescription. There is a certain bit which tells you when to take it so like symptoms. I think that is so creative and I love how it makes it not like an ordinary bar of chocolate.

pills/tablets - (Image 4) I think these are my favourite things in the tin. It is some packets of `tablets` except they aren`t tablets, they are chocolate but look like tablets. These are in a packet like how tablets are with the paper that you push it through. Alot of tablets can also be split into two parts if people have trouble swallowing them and so do these...although these aren`t to be swallowed whole, not that I think it is possible anyway, even split into halfs, because these are HUGE. My favourite part of the tin by far.

Thermometers - (Image 5) If I am honest, these dont look like thermometers that much. Most thermometers are long and thin where was these are quite sort. I actually thought the were syringes until I read about the tin and discovered they were thermometers. I still think these are amazing but I think that they should be made longer. These are about the length of my middle finger (just to give you an idea).

Plasters - (Images6 and 7) These are also up there with my favourites if the tin. I like how these aren`t all milk chocolate, these are also white chocolate which give the tin abit more excitement. I love how these come in a box that look like a box that plasters come in and I also think they look like plasters. I think they should do different sizes and shapes of plasters as most first aid kits have different sizes but these are also some of my favourites of the tin.


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