Review: Chimpanzee

5 years ago

I watched Chimpanzee over the weekend and it got me thinking about a lot of things. First of all, it`s a documentary, so it is not as exciting as a fictional movie. When the movie ended I wasn`t too impressed with it just because I wanted more to happen and more of a story line, but I had to remind myself that it was a documentary. The movie revolves around Oscar, a baby chimpanzee. He`s really cute and as mentioned in the trailers, his mom dies and he gets adopted by the male leader of his group. What`s remarkable about it is that the male took on the motherly role and did things only females would do. Also, the chimpanzees looked and acted SO similar to humans. They were like primal humans or cavemen. All this got me thinking about evolution and whether or not maternalness is born or taught. Male chimpanzees don`t take care of the kids like the female ones do, but the fact that Oscar was adopted by a male made me wonder if these "male" and "female" roles are a part of them or if they are conditioned to be that way.

Anyways, it`s not the most exciting movie, but it definitely gets you thinking about many things, including war and international relations, like why don`t other countries feel it`s their duty to help others when in the end we`re all humans. We should share instead of fight. Putting our differences aside makes things so much easier. If you watch the movie what I`m saying will make a lot more sense.

I liked the end because it showed what the crew went through to get the footage.

Also, the chimpanzee population has gone down by quite a bit, so LET`S SAVE THEM!!!!

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